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Windows 10 comes with a feature that allows apps to run in the background even when they are not started. This enables apps to receive information, send notifications, and stay up to date even when they aren’t actively running. Although useful, these apps can sometimes consume a considerable amount of system resources, including CPU, RAM… Read more

A process that you may have come across, often seen as “WMI Provider Host” in the Task Manager, is one of the critical processes of the Windows OS that ensures smooth running. However, users have often reported that the process is consuming insane amounts of system resources, especially the CPU. At such times, it is… Read more

Cyberlink is famous for developing quality tools for photo and video editing. Two of the more famous apps include Cyberlink PowerDirector for photo editing and Cyberlink PhotoDirector for video editing. Cyberlink has released PowerDirector Essential 365 and PhotoDirector Essential 365 as free apps for Windows. Both of these apps are available on the Microsoft Store… Read more

The Windows Firewall is an integral part of the Windows Operating System. It manages the traffic flowing through the network ports on your machine to ensure unnoticed packets do not enter your machine and keep it safe. It is also responsible for opening and closing or listening to networking ports. Network ports are used by… Read more

Over the passage of time, every Windows installation needs some type of cleanup. If you have installed multiple software and programs, you should uninstall the ones which you don’t use anymore. In this article, we will show you different ways to uninstall programs from your computer easily. What is uninstall? How To Uninstall Programs In… Read more

Oracle has released Java 8 Update 291. This update introduces a total of 390 new security patches that address vulnerabilities that could be exploited in previous updates of Java. Therefore, we suggest that you update your Java version to Update 291 using the guide given below. Moreover, Oracle has changed the Java Runtime license so… Read more

Microsoft has released Chromium Edge 90 to the stable channel with new features and policies for its users. This version will be available to install for all users within a few days as part of the Progressive rollout. This new update to Edge introduces new and exciting features such as Single Sign On (SSO) for… Read more

Microsoft has released Windows PowerShell 7.2 Preview 5, bringing in a few changes and fixes to the command line. You can download and install this release on your device using the given guide down below. In any case, since this is a preview version, we would advise avoiding using it in a live production environment… Read more

Google has released Chrome version 90 for everyone to download and use. You can update your existing Chrome version using the guide given in the article, or download Google Chrome 90 from the given links. The new version of Chrome now supports the AV1 codec which improves the video streaming capabilities of the browser. Although… Read more