2 Ways to Keep Google Chrome History Forever

Google Chrome browser keeps the browsing history for 90 days and then it deletes the history automatically. If you use the computer too much daily for your professional things and task and lots of searching and browsing are done on your browser. Sometimes you need the old searched URLs which you opened at someday and need it again, what if, you searched your required URL 90 days before and now in your History that link gets deleted.

This scenario may come often if your work demands this. That’s why you need to keep your Google Chrome browser History forever, and when of need, you can easily have your old searched URLs and web pages again. In this tutorial, I’ll provide you solution to keep all of your Google Chrome’s History forever. Troll below and apply the solution for good.

1- ChromeHistoryView

ChromeHistoryView is a portable tool to show your History of Chrome browser. It not only shows you the URL of the visited web pages, but also the Date, Time, Number of Visits, how many time you entered the URL, and Visit ID.

If you want to keep or save all your history items, select the numbers of items and export them to a file. Supported export file formats are Text, CSV, HTML, or XML.

Installation steps

  • Download the tool from below link
  • A zip file will be downloaded. Extract it and run the exe file from it.
  • As you click on the exe file, the window of ChromeHistoryView will open. As the tool is portable so no installation is required
  • The tool is also available in other languages too. Download zip file of your language from here.
  • And extract the chromehistoryview_lng.ini file and paste it in the folder where your installer of the tool is present.

How to export the URLs

Go to File and click the option “save selected items”, then choose the location where you want to save and in which file format you want to export. Then click on save. Now your History will be saved to your System. You can open and browse them again whenever you need it.

Download the ChromeHistoryView from here

2- History Trends Unlimited

History Trends Unlimited is an extension provided by the Google Chrome for its users. To use this extension you do not have to pay anything, the extension is free for use. The extension will sync your browsing history to the local server in the background. And when you want to save history, all browsing URLs are included in the saving file.

Installation Steps

  • Click on “Add to chrome”, the extension will start downloading.
  • After it, on top right corner of your browser, the extension’s icon will appear.
  • As you click the icon, it will open a new tab in the browser and shows you statistics of your browser history, about most visited sites, your visit rate per day and top web pages etc.

  • If you want to save your history on your System, go to “Options” and select the “Export History” option. All your history will be saved into a text file.
  • You can see your history by opening the text file which is just saved from the browser through the extension.
  • If you want to search for any history, go to the Search tab and enter any URL you want to search.

Download the History Trends Unlimited from here

Go for any of above tool and keep your Google Chrome’s history on your System in a file and use them anytime when you need the specific URL again. Thank you.

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