2 Ways To Set Different Default Printers For Different Networks


Switching over printers from one network to another seems to be difficult and irritating. Because all the time you have to tell manually your System that for which network you want to use which of your printer. There should be some automatic way to handle all this situation. And you can shift from one printer to another when you shift the network.

In this tutorial, I am mentioning some free software which can be used to manage your printers for different networks. And default printers set for your each network. A separate printer at your work and a separate printer at your home can be set by default by using any following appropriate tool.

1- Quick Config

Quick Config is a freeware tool that helps you to change various Settings of your System quickly. And this can help a lot and saves the time. You just need to create a separate profile for your each network and then you can set Settings for each network. When you switch your network, double click your current profile and start using the preset Settings for that network.


  • The Quick Config is a free tool. You do not need to pay anything to use it.
  • It has a portable version too so you can open it only in time of need.
  • You can create as many profiles as you want and set the Settings of your choice for each profile.
  • Switch between profiles by just a single click. Gather same type of profiles in a same group so that you can easily pick your required category.
  • For your profiles, you can create the Desktop icons to access them more quickly.
  • The tool is very configurable. On installation, you can install only those plugins which you need to use this tool. And force other unnecessary plugins not to download.
  • No administrative privilege is required while using the software.

Installation steps

  • Download the offline installer of Quick Config from below link.
  • Run the installer to start installing the tool on your System. Click on Next to proceed further.
  • Accept the license agreement, hit the Next button.
  • If you do not want to install all components, click on Custom and choose your required components.

  • The Setup is now ready to install. Click on Install button and installation will start.
  • It will take a little time to complete the installation.
  • Now click on Finish button to exit the setup and main window of software will open in front of you.
  • Click on Create new to create the profile and press Yes, if you want to create with the current Settings. Or you can change the Settings, clicking on No.

  • Now create as many profiles as you want to create. All will be shown in the main window of tool. You can set a picture of your choice also for each profile to identify more quickly. Just click on any profile to activate it as a default.
  • Select the different printer for different networks by editing your profile and going to the Printer section.

Downloading Quick Config

Download the Quick Config offline installer from here

2- Argon Network Switcher

Argon Network Switcher is a tool that helps you set different printers for your each network. And you do not need to set printers again and again manually if you change the network. Just by a single click, all changes will be done through the software. The tool is good for users who travels all the time and change many networks in a single day.


  • The Argon Network Switcher is a freeware.
  • You can create profiles for different networks and set the settings for each network according to your requirement.
  • You can set different printers for different networks or profiles.
  • Through it, you can easily enable or disable network cards.
  • In the Services tab of the tool, any service can be stopped or run.
  • Switch between the different network to set default printers by just a single click.

Installation steps

  • Download this tool from the below link.
  • A zip file will install on your System. Extract it somewhere on your System. And run the exe file of software.
  • Now click on Next button, to start the installation setup.
  • Choose the location of folder, where you want to save it. And choose who can use the tool on your System.
  • After it, the installation will start and it will take 2-3 seconds to complete. Click on Close to finish the installation process.
  • Open Argon Network Switcher from the Start Menu. Its main window will look like this.
  • Go to the New to create a new profile. Select the parameters to create a profile. Set the network configuration, printers, and other options. The Network card is used to use and store the configuration as “profile”.

Download Link

Download the Argon Network Switcher from here.

Download any above free tool and save your time by not changing the default printer for every network manually. All will be done automatically by single tapping on the created profile icons of your networks. Thank you.

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