3 Ways To Block Skype From Automatic Login in Outlook.com Webmail


Skype is used by mostly all users to communicate with their family, friends or colleagues. Recently Skype 7.38 was released and is available for updating. Skype has an integration with Outlook.com mail. When you login to your Outlook account, on top right corner of the window you can see a conversation icon, click on it to open your Skype within your browser by staying in the same window of Outlook.com. You can send messages, files and make calls with this Outlook.com integration.

The availability of Skype within Outlook.com webmail is useful if you want to use Skype quickly, this will save your time too. But sometimes you just logged into your Outlook account for emailing purposes and your Skype account also logged in automatically, all your contacts get to know that you are online and start sending you messages or files. This situation can be disturbing for you as you were planning to do something else, and Skype pulls your attention towards its pop-up messages and notifications.

I am providing you some ways that will help you in disabling Skype from Outlook.com so you can make your emails without any pop-ups or disturbance. And these solutions will only disable Skype from Outlook.com webmail window, while your Desktop Skype app will work fine. It won’t stop working so do not be worried about it.

Disable Skype Via HOSTS File

It is seen that Outlook automatically connects to a number of Skype hostnames. Every system has the HOSTS file, it maps the hostname to an IP address. So if you want to block Skype from Outlook, therefore, you should need to map its hostname to a false IP address.

You can use a HOSTS file to block access of swx.cdn.skype.com, this will stop Skype to download the javascript file because browser pulls the Javascript file from Skype’s content delivery network server. All browsers will disable the access of Skype when you open your Outlook account as the HOSTS file work system wise. Apply below steps to edit the HOSTS file.

  1. Open Notepad from Start Menu with administrative privileges.
  2. Go to File menu, and select the Open option. Go to “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” location. And select “All Files” option.
  3. Now open the HOSTS file with it. And at the end of the file, add the “ swx.cdn.skype.com”. Then press CTRL+S to save the file in the same location.
  4. Now close all open windows, and restart your browser to apply all the changes properly. Now your Skype will be gone from Outlook.com window.

Disable Skype using uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an app and extensions used to block inappropriate and malicious ads over websites to make your internet surfing private and secure. It also allows you to block some of the domains which you want to block so no one can open on your machine.

You can use uBlock Origin extension to disable Skype from Outlook.com window if you don’t know how to do editing in HOSTS file or you do not want to play with HOSTS file. uBlock Origin provides you a simple and easy way to disable Skype.

  1. Firstly, download uBlock Origin on your browser.
  2. Go to its icon from your browser and click on the Black area to open its dashboard.
  3. Check the check box of “I am an advanced user”.
  4. Now open Outlook.com page and again click on the uBlock Origin’s icon. Now you will see all the connections which are allowed or not. Find the Skype from the list. And click on the Red box in the right-hand column.
  5. When you click on the red box, a padlock will appear on the top-left of the uBlock Origin window. Click on it to apply the changes.

Download uBlock Origin for Chrome

Download uBlock Origin for Firefox

Download uBlock Origin for Opera

Download uBlock Origin for Edge

Disable Skype Through Avast Free Antivirus

You can disable Skype from Outlook.com window through your antivirus or firewall program, as most of them provides you internet security which help you in blocking access to specific web pages or domains.

You can use your Antivirus program to block any web address because you do not have to go and install any other tool that disable the Skype from Outlook.com window. And you have a trust on your AV tool so it will be more convenient for you to use it. Here I am using Avast Free Antivirus. Go for below steps to see how you can disable Skype from Outlook.com window.

  1. Open Avast Antivirus. Look for Settings option at the bottom left corner of the window. Open Settings.
  2. Click Components, then go to Customize link for the Web Shield.
  3. Click the “Site Blocking” option from left-hand window. Check the check box of “enable site blocking”, type the web address which you want to block. You have to type “https://swx.cdn.skype.com”. When you type this, asterisk sign will appear automatically. Press OK after entering the address.

Download Avast Free Antivius from here

The same technique can be used with other Antivirus programs or Firewalls which support site blocking feature.

Apply any of the above solutions and stay away from Skype that automatically opens in your Outlook window and creates frustration for you by giving you pop-ups and new messages.

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