3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files

Microsoft Word is a very stable software. The latest version of Microsoft Word saves files in docx format. There are times when Microsoft Word files will get corrupted and Microsoft Word will not be able to open the files directly. This can happen due to various reasons including process termination while Word is saving the file etc. In this article we will discuss about a few ways we can repair and recover these corrupted MS Word files. Let’s get started:

Word Open and Repair Option

Open the particular file which is corrupted from “File” menu. And despite opening it, go to further options and click on “Open and Repair”.

3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files 1

After taking few seconds, the word file will open for you. And all the contents of it will be shown to you in the same document. This is pretty easy and simple method to get back your corrupted file. But it will not give you the exact result and sometimes your document can’t be open again from this method. So, If this will not solve your problem, you may go to next solution.

Recover text from any file

If you are unable to recover the corrupted Word file, Microsoft Word also gives you an option to recover text from any file. This will enable you to recover your important data and then reconstruct it in a new Word file.

  1. Go to “File” menu and select “Open” and find your required file which you want to repair.
  2. And now from below “All files” option, expand it further and find the option of “Recover text from any file”.
    3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files 2

And the feature will try to fetch all the text from your file. In my case, it gives me the correct result. But sometimes it won’t give you what you want from it.

If the second way still can’t solve your issue, you may move to next one.

Using third party Word repair tools

Repair My Word

Repair My Word is the utility program used to repair or recover the corrupted document file of Word which can not be opened normally and gives the error on opening. This utility will help to repair all the contents of that corrupted document and then you can save the recovered text in new Word error-less file.

3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files 3

This is compatible with Word 95, 97, 2000, XP and 2003. The program is freeware and can easily retain and recover the contents from the corrupted doc file.

Download Repair My Word from here

Kernel for Word

Kernel for Word is the Utility for repairing all of your corrupted Word files. It is very quick and advance tool and can repair your all Word docs. It supports varied version of Word formats that includes .docx, .docm, .doc, .dot, .dotx, .dotm. The Kernal for Word is compatible with every version of Windows and can compatible with every version of MS Word up to 2016 which is the latest version of MS Office.

3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files 4

The Kernal for Word can have the ability to repair multiple files at once in minimizing span of time. This tool gives an accurate result and recovers all of your contents of the corrupted file.

3 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files 5

Kernal for Word is not free, its license costs $49. but you can download its trial version first to check the result of the tool and its accuracy of recovering any corrupted file.

Download Kernal for Word from here


Whether there are tools available to repair and recover your documents or not, my advice would be to have a backup of all your important document. You may use automated backup or synchronization ways to make sure you have a backup of each one of your important files. The second line of defense can be these tools and techniques which will bring most of your document data lost due to corruption. If any of your files gets corrupted, which method would you prefer to use first for recovering the file?

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