4 Free NetWorx Alternatives For Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

NetWorx is a very handy tool to measure your network Bandwidth. It calculates how much bandwidth is being used by the computer in real-time. It can also tell you the possible problem if you are having and tells you if your Bandwidth limits exceeds. NetWorx version 6 was recently launched. Apart from the new featureset, one thing that upset me was that Networx is no longer a freeware. It is available as a 30 day trial software. After the trial period, the user will need to purchase a license in order to keep using it.

That’s why in this article I am providing you the best free alternatives to NetWorx.

Free Alternatives to NetWorx


Download GlassWire from here

GlassWire is free tool to monitor your network and its bandwidth.

GlassWire vs NetWorx

  • Like NetWorx, GlassWire also monitors your network’s Bandwidth and help you to control it.
  • Network traffic and Application Monitoring is also provided by this.
  • It gives Detailed Bandwidth Usage Monitor and Idle Time Network Monitor.
  • It provides Network Security Monitoring, Visualization and Privacy Monitoring.

Other features of GlassWire

  • It hosts the IP Auto-Reverse-Lookup and Country Information.
  • It gives Free Firewall and Network alerts.
  • Remote Server Monitoring is also included in this program.

Its new and advanced program that helps you a lot in monitoring and controlling your network’s Bandwidth.


Download BitMeter from here

BitMeter vs NetWorx

  • It monitors internet connection speed, usage and Bandwidth Monitor as like NetWorx.
  • It controls the data traffic also. And it tracks the suspicious activities over internet.
  • It also gives alerts if certain limit of speed crosses.
  • It is very useful for dial-up users who are having limited Data Plan.

Other features of Bitmeter

  • It has real time updates that informs you the best time for uploading or downloading


Download FreeMeter from here

FreeMeter vs NetWorx

  • It graphs the network traffic of your system
  • It checks the memory usage and tells you if you exceeds from limit.
  • It gives alerts

Other features of FreeMeter

  • Displays drive space in MBs and GBs.
  • It checks how busy your processor is.
  • It shows the amount of time that system has been running.


Download NetTraffic from here

NetTraffic vs NetWorx

  • It graphs the network traffic of your system
  • It works with your network connection.
  • It graph and numeric values in real time.

Other features of NetTraffic

  • It has taskbar icons which represent the activities.
  • It contains statistical module.
  • It predictions based on collected data.
  • It reviews the archival data.

These all are best free alternatives software of NetWorx. You can review all of them and can check the comparison with NetWorx and choose any of above. I hope this article will tell you clear understanding of each above described software. Which tool do you use for monitoring Internet bandwidth in your Windows 10 computer?

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