4 Ways To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Google Chrome Error

While surfing the internet through the Chrome browser, you get an error that your connection isn’t private. It can be an alarming error for you because you are doing much personal and sensitive stuff on the internet and if a connection is not private then this may cause loss or leakage of your private information. This can be very helpful for hackers to hack your data or information.

This error may arise due to the insecure connection of SSL between your System and Server. And maybe your SSL certificate gets expired. Or the error came when you try to open web pages which started with https, not with HTTP.

In this tutorial, I am going to give you easy and simple ways to stay away from this error. Apply any suitable solution and throw out the error.

Please note that if you are getting a site inaccessible error, you should probably take steps to fix site can’t be reached in Chrome.

Change Time & Date

The first step you can apply is, change or set the Time and Date of your System accurately. Because the date and time can be the issue behind the error of insecure connection.

Go to Date and Time icon from the System Tray and right-click on it and select the “Adjust date/time” option to open the detail window.

You can easily select the Time and Date and change them if it is not correct. Time zone of your zone is also needed to be set for proper time and date.

After setting it, close all windows, refresh your System and now open any web page through the Chrome browser. Hopefully, you will not get an error regarding privacy of your connection. If this solution still not works for you, go to the second solution to get rid of this problem.

Clear Cookies and Cache of Chrome

The Chrome browser can be showing an error due to lots of site cookies which are stored. Or you didn’t clear the cache from a long time. This may be a reason of getting an error.

To delete this, go to Chrome and open Settings from going to three dots vertical menu.

Now scroll below and click on Advanced Settings, then hit the Clear Browsing history button.

You will see options for clearing the data. Check the check boxes of highlighted text. And then click on Clear Browsing Data button.

After clearing cookies and caches, close Chrome, refresh your System. Now proceed to your required website. And hopefully, you will not have the error again.

Terminating Chrome Tasks

To prevent the error, apply following steps and kill all the instances of the Chrome browser.

Open Command Prompt window by typing CMD in Start Menu. And type “” command in CMD window.

TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F

You will see that all tasks of Chrome will terminate. Now open your web page and browser secure internet connection.

Adding “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome Shortcut

One thing you can do to ignore the error, by creating a Chrome shortcut which will ignore the certificate error. And will give you an error free and safe browsing.

Right click on Desktop Shortcut of Chrome and go to its Properties. In Target section, add the “-ignore-certificate-errors” at the end of the text. And press Apply button, then OK.

Now close the window and open your web pages. All will be done without error. Hopefully, these solutions will entertain you to remove and discard the error of “Your connection is not private” in Chrome browser. If you have any query, feel free to ask. Thank you.

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