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4 Ways to Fix “File Explorer has Stopped Working” Error in Windows 10

4 Ways to Fix "File Explorer has Stopped Working" Error in Windows 10 1

If you get an error while opening the Context Menu that “File Explorer has stopped working”, and when you get error your screen flickered for a moment and all icons disappeared. This error is reported by many users of Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

There may be certain reasons behind the error. It may arise due to any third party app or service running on your system, your system files or image files are corrupted, or your System is infected by any malware or virus. Or your video driver may be expired or outdated.

In this tutorial, I am providing you 4 easy and simple ways and after applying these solutions you will not face the issue in File Explorer working. Scroll below to go through the solutions:

Solution-1 (Through Folder Options)

This method will help you to deal with corrupted files and won’t make File Explorer stop.

  1. Open “This PC”, and from the “Options” menu. And select the “Folder and Lock” option. A new window will open in front of you. Go to “view” tab.
    4 Ways to Fix "File Explorer has Stopped Working" Error in Windows 10 2
  2. Now check the first Checkbox from the list. “Always show icon, never thumbnails”. Press Apply and OK.
    4 Ways to Fix "File Explorer has Stopped Working" Error in Windows 10 3
  3. Now you are done with these steps. And hopefully, your File Explorer will no longer work badly or gives any error.

If you are still facing the same issue, you may move to the solution mentioned below.

Solution-2 (Stop Third Party Services)

Your error of File Explorer has stopped working, may come due to the running of any third-party service, which is creating an issue for File Explorer to work properly. So you need to stop those services. Track the below steps to stop them.

  1. Open the Run dialog by pressing “Window key+R” and write msconfig in the text area, then press OK.
    4 Ways to Fix "File Explorer has Stopped Working" Error in Windows 10 4
  2. A window will open, go to Services tab, and hide all the Microsoft services which are running. Then only those services will show to you which are of Third Party app. Disable them all. And press OK.
    4 Ways to Fix "File Explorer has Stopped Working" Error in Windows 10 5
  3. Close all opened windows, Restart your System. And open File Explorer now. You will experience smooth working of it.

Solution-3 (Video Driver Update)

If your video driver is outdated or corrupted, then you may also face the issue in File Explorer proper working. So you should update your Video driver by going to the Manufacturer’s website of your machine.

I am giving links to some famous manufacturers links.

After installing the driver, restart your System. If you have NVidia, you can download NVidia drivers from here.

Solution-4 (Check if any virus is on your machine)

File Explorer may stop working due to a virus or malware. Examples of this kind of corruption can be removing the pendrive shortcut virus and files taking too much space on a drive.

So run your Antivirus software, and scan your System. If any virus is detected, remove or delete it through your Antivirus software. And after the clean scan, reboot your System once.

These all are simple and easy solutions to keep the working of your File Explorer back to you. I hope all solutions will work for you. And your issue will resolve. If you have any issue, you may ask from us. Thank you.

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