4 Ways To Make System Faster After Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Install

Windows 10 Version 1709 Fall Creators Update comes with some exciting features like re-opening of opened apps after restart, power throttling etc. While these features are certainly useful but sometimes they can slow down the system.

This is especially annoying when your system resources are already limited. In this article, we will discuss about how to make your system faster after installing Windows 10 Version 1709.


Stop apps to re-open on System restart

In this new update of Windows 10 v1709, if you don’t close your apps before shutting down the system, those apps will be re-open on next startup. This feature is basically added in the favor of those users who don’t have much time to open each app again. But sometimes this could be lower down system’s performance. If you are facing slow speed of your system, then you have to close all apps before shutting down.

Press Alt+F4 key to show the Shut Down console on the top of the window. When you select the Shut Down option, the pop-up will tell you that your all apps will be closed before the Shut Down. So when apps will be closed, they won’t open when the system will restart on next.

Close all apps and turn off the PC
Close all apps and turn off the PC

Create a Shortcut to Shut Down

There is another way to shout down all apps before shutting down the system so they won’t open on next restart.

  1. Go to the Desktop plain area and right-click on it to create a new “Shortcut".
  2. Copy and paste the following command in the location area.
    Shutdown /s /f /t 0
  3. Click Next to finish the shortcut creating process.

Now, when you want to shut down your system, double-click on this icon on your Desktop, your all apps will be closed before the system shutdowns.

Power Throttling Feature

The Power Throttling feature helps you in balancing the Power of your system for each app whether they are running in the background or in the foreground. Sometimes some background apps are consuming too much power of your system, and this is causing issues for those apps which need higher battery amount to work efficiently. This Battery Throttling feature, when background work is running, Windows places the CPU in its most energy-efficient operating modes – work gets done, but the minimal possible battery is spent on that work.

If you want to see if an app is using Power Throttling feature you have to go to Task Manager and go to “Details" tab. Here you will see a “Battery Moderated“ or “PowerThrottling" column. If an app is having Yes in the “Battery Moderated" or “PowerThrottling" column, then it means it is having “Power Throttling" feature.

As in the above screenshot, the Power Throttling feature is disabled due to the CPU. Because Power Throttling is currently available only for processors with Intel’s SpeedShift technology, available in Intel’s 6th-gen (and beyond) Core processors. Microsoft is working on expanding support to other processors as well.

Battery Slider

A new Battery Slider has introduced in the Windows 10 version 1709 which can adjust your battery performance according to your need and requirement. This will help in making your system faster. The Slider can be accessed on Windows device by clicking or tapping the battery icon in the Taskbar.

You can switch between the four slider modes to trade performance for battery life.

  • Battery Saver: It helps to conserve power, and prolong battery life when the system is not connected to a power source. When the battery saver is on, some Windows features are disabled, throttled, or behave differently. Screen brightness is also reduced. Battery Saver is only available in DC.
  • Better Battery: It delivers longer battery life than the default settings on previous versions of Windows. Available in both AC and DC.
  • Better Performance: It is Default slider mode that slightly favors performance over battery life and is appropriate for users who want to trade-off power for better performance of their apps. This feature is available in both AC and DC.
  • Best Performance: It favors performance overpower it is for those who want power for performance and responsiveness. It is available in both AC and DC.

These all are some easy and handy ways that can be applied to make your system’s performance and speed faster and improved after the update of the Fall Creators update. If you need further help for any other issue in Windows 10 version 1709, you may ask us for more assistance by commenting below.

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