5 Apps To Make Windows Phone More Productive

Windows Phone is not liked by users because of its lack of apps. But now Microsoft is quickly catching up and a lot of apps are being added to the app store.

Here we will present five apps to make Windows Phone more productive. Please note that all these apps work in Windows Phone 8. I’m not sure whether they will work in Windows Phone 7.5 or earlier.

Windows Phone 8 Shutdown

1- Adobe Reader

Microsoft Office comes preinstalled in Windows Phone 8. Most of the people will benefit from it by reading their documents and spreadsheets right from their phones. The only app missing is Adobe Reader. You can install Adobe Reader to make sure you can download and open any kind of commonly used document formats.

You can also use other PDF Readers but Adobe Reader is far better and feature rich than others.

2- Call Recorder

If you frequently use the call function of your Windows Phone 8, you must install the call recorder app so that you may be able to record important calls and listen to them later.

You may also use alternatives like Recorder, Voice Recorder Free, Voice Recorder, Free Recorder etc.

3- Flashlight-X

Windows Phone 8 comes with a camera with a bright flash light. This flashlight only lights up when taking a snapshot. You can use a free utility like Flashlight-X to use the flashlight as a torch. But be warned that the flashlight can drain the battery very quickly.

You may also use alternatives like Flashlight, Flashlight XT, Flashlight with LED, Flashlight X.

4- ConnectivityShortcuts

ConnectivityShortcuts allows the user to easily access settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular, Air plane mode, and location settings. The user can instantly enable or disable these services.

You may also use alternatives like Connectivity Tiles, Connectivity tiles, Connection Tiles, Connectivity Manager Pro and Network Dashboard.

5- Simple Calendar

Windows Phone 8 lacks a full featured calendar app. Simple Calendar app shows appointments and tasks from different calendars including your Microsoft account calendars.

You may also use alternatives like Calendar[+], Live Calendar, Beautiful Calendar 2 and Calendr.

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    1. Mine is working fine. Great article especially that you have given alternatives to each major app. So if I don’t find one app useful, I can try the other ones. Keep up the good work.

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