5 Best Free Antivirus Software Feature Comparison

You can keep your System secure and safe by installing any free anti-virus software. There are a number of Antivirus programs which are good and offering many features for your System’s better health and performance and keep it protected and virus free. But if you are confused among all free antivirus software and do not know exactly which are better and best for your System, this article is exactly for you.


For your convenience, I am providing you the feature comparison between the best free antivirus programs so that you may have a list of their features, you can see how much these features are important to be in any AV tool or Security suite. And according to that, you can easily go for any better tool.

The comparison metrics

Real-time scanning

Real-time scan is very important for any antivirus tool. This feature does background scan of your System at the scheduled time and if any virus or threat is found, your AV tool then takes action against it.

So this will keep your System healthy and virus free that’s why our anti-virus tool should have it.

Manual Scan

Manual scan facilitates you if you suddenly got a threat or malware while using your System or you plugged any flash drive or open any web page, you can do a manual scan at the same moment, this will remove the threat on the spot. That’s why your AV tool must have this feature to quickly remove any virus or malware at the spot.

Anti-Phishing feature

Some web pages or emails try to catch your sensitive information like your passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers or any other sensitive data through Phishing feature.

This is a risk to surf on any web page because you may never know which website is using the Phishing feature to track down your information. That’s why your Antivirus tool must have Anti-Phishing feature and support to be safe and not be tracked.

Block Harmful URLs

Not every URL you visit is safe, some web pages contain many harmful and strong viruses in them. When you open these web pages, virus transfers into your System. To stay away from this situation, Antivirus tool should have a feature to block these harmful and malicious URLs to give safety to your System.

Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is kind of security wall between your System and viruses. If your AV tool is having Firewall Protection, then you may not have any fear of information leakage, any threat or malware presence any other danger.

Web Protection

Web protection feature lets you to troll over websites and web pages securely. If any website or URL is infected and malicious, the Web Protection feature won’t allow you to visit that page. And block it for your safety.


Intrusion Detection System will check each activity over the network and stops you if anything bad is going to happen or anything which is not suitable for your use about the virus and threats.


Intrusion Prevention System is the first line of defense against virus and threats. It is something more the Firewall. It looks for network level security and keeps an eye on the traffic which your Firewall allow to enter. So for better and advanced protection, your AV tool needs to have the feature of IPS.

Email Security

Lots of unwanted and junk data come through email when you open these kinds of email, they are nothing but full of non-sense contents and threats. Email Security feature within your V tool helps you to block these kinds of emails. If your AV tool is having this feature, it will be good for your System security and for your mood too.

Live Update

If your tool is outdated or not updated to the recent update, Live Update feature updates your AV tool automatically if any new update is available. So this feature is important in any Security Suite to keep your tool updated to the latest version.


Almost every Antivirus tool provides you the Support, in case if you face any issue about the use of that particular tool. This will let you stay connected with the Customer care support provided by the tool.

Antivirus Test

AV test checks the performance, stability, usability and repair of the tool. So you can easily check whether your AV tool is compatible for your use or not. Having this test within Antivirus tool helps you in figuring out how much more useful is the tool for you.

Let’s see which Free Antivirus tools are having these features and can give you best functionality.

Comparison Table

5 Best Free Antivirus Software Feature Comparison 1

The download links

You may want to download these antivirus software from the links given below:

Download AVG Free Antivirus

Download Avast Free Antivirus

Download Avira Free Antivirus

Download Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Download Comodo Free Antivirus

So, according to the above comparison table, it is noted that Avast is best free antivirus to use with almost every good feature. And Avast can help you to maintain your System’s health and remove viruses and threats from your System. And after Avast, AVG is another good antivirus tool better than other free AV tools.

Download Antivirus tool which you find best and fit for your requirements from above comparison. Thank you

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