5 Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for Vector Graphics

Vector graphics has become very common and popular now. There has comes many tools for Vector Graphing. The most common tool used for this purpose is Vector Graphing is Adobe Illustrator.it can help you in creating Logos, Icons, Sketches, Typography and complex Illustrations for print, web, video and mobile. It creates pixel-perfect accurate images. It can also make editing to your templates and make them more new and stylish.

But Adobe Illustrator has become very expensive and everyone can’t afford to buy its license. So there is many more tools which are free of cost and are alternatives of Adobe Illustrator. Here is the list of best free Adobe Illustrator alternatives.


Download InkScape from here

This is the best alternative of Adobe Illustrator and one can go for it right after Adobe Illustrator. InkScape is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The good thing about this, new features are added in it time to time to make it more user capturing.

InkScape as an alternative of Adobe Illustrator

Like Adobe Illustrator, The Editing and Color tool set of InkScape are same as of Adobe Illustrator.it can import and export different file formats including SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS and PNG. It can also do operations on nodes (editing and moving).


Download GIMP from here

This is a free tool and provides its services to all of its users whether you’re a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator or Scientist. It has many customization features and third party plug-ins support, which makes it more advance and useful. This is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

GIMP as an alternative of Adobe Illustrator

It allows you to edit the SVG format images with its different variety of Editing Tool. It also has Blur tool and can have ability to adjust noise of image. And can make Icons and Logos as you can make in Adobe Illustrator.


Download Karbon from here

Karbon is vector drawing tool. Its interface is very simple and user friendly. Users can create amazing Vector Art with Karbon. This is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

Karbon as an alternative of Adobe Illustrator

As like Adobe Illustrator, it provides supports of more than one formats file that is SVG, ODG, PNG, PDF and WMF. It has complex Path operation which is also in Adobe Illustrator. And it includes wide range of Editing Tools.


Download Paint.NET from here

This is for Windows. And Paint.NET is image and photo editing tool. This is free of cost. It has different range of effects, layer support and unlimited Undo options.

Paint.NET as an alternative of Adobe Illustrator

Due to large range of Editing Tools it can be used as alternate to Adobe Illustrator.

Aviary Online Vector Editor

Use Aviary Online Vector Editor from here

 Very few online editors can work fine but Aviary is very good and reliable tool. Its interface is user friendly. And it has many features to make your vector image. It works on mostly every browser.

Aviary Online Vector Editor as an alternative of Adobe Illustrator

It has many effects that is also available in Adobe Illustrator. And you can use its Drawing Tool. And it also supports Layer option.

Above all are best free alternatives of Adobe Illustrator. If anyone can’t afford to buy Adobe Illustrator, they can easily go with above any tool to fulfill their needs. They are free and reliable tools. Which tool would be your choice if you had to select an Illustrator alternative?

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