6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery

Losing your laptop is more than losing just a device because laptops, nowadays, contain sensitive information and data which is important to us. It can potentially be very dangerous if your sensitive information is used by someone for malicious purposes. There are services which provide us with laptop monitoring so that the laptop can be recovered or permanently locked if it has been stolen or you have forgotten it somewhere. These services work as insurance for your laptop.

Let’s go through the list of services that provide laptop tracking services. You can choose the one that best fits your case and scenario.


This is a multi-platform software which is supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and android. its geo-location helps you in locating your device. First you need to download the software.

Download PreyProject from here

After downloading, open the program, you will have to create a Prey account, then login to your account and register your device/laptop to that account for remote access. Users can login into their account and then mark the laptop as missing and find it via the control panel. It also has the ability to lock the hard disk of your laptop so no one can have access to your personal data.

6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery 1

It has Basic, Personal, Home and business versions which range from $5 to $15 per month subscriptions.

Norton Anti-Theft

Norton Anti-theft easily and quickly locates your laptop and blocks it so no chance of leakage of information will remain. You can browse from anywhere in case your laptop has been stolen. It tracks your laptop’s position and who owns it and then remotely locks it.

It has one more interesting and good feature which is it tales snap shot of anyone who is in front of your device and the send/saves it to your Norton Anti-Theft website so that you may track your thief.

It also shows customized messages to the person who is having your device so that you may contact him.

Subscribe Norton Anti-theft from here

6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery 2


This is a laptop Locator tool. You have to register yourself for the usage. Its annual fee is $499. It isn’t much if you get your stolen laptop back.

You can track your laptop efficiently. It has Wi-Fi triangulation technology and Google Maps UI. It has Remotekill option for data encryption. This facility allows users to lock their hard disk so no one can have access to your information or data. This lock is reversible when you get your laptop back.

Subscribe EXO5 from here

6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery 3


LockItTight precisely let you track your lost/stolen laptops and mobiles.

Subscribe LockItTight from here

It has a client application for laptop and Web based UI. Users can log into their account through a browser. It has UI of Google Maps. It has free, standard and premium versions. You can go for any of them that you find best for your needs.

LockItTight sends a report in the encrypted text of registered devices which is send to central server and then through Google map’s assist it’ll make easy to locate the exact location of the laptop.

6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery 4

PC Phone Home

This is very easy and simple to use. You can track your missing laptops.

Download PC Phone Home from here

Once you download it, open it to set up the environment. It will ask you for the email address on which you want to receive emails about the location of your device. Whenever you open the program, if it is connected to internet, you’ll get the email at your entered email address about the location of your laptop.

My Laptop Tracker

This is basically only for Windows OS but the developer also provides MyMacTracker for mac users. This will effectively locate and track your device. Now no one needs to worry about their stolen devices as this software can bring back all their stolen laptops.

Download My Laptop Tracker from here

It tracks laptops through their IP addresses and the Web Portal includes data retrieval options. This software also has a Block option for hardware to prevent the access of any other person from your hard disk.

6 Best Laptop Tracking Services For Stolen Laptop Recovery 5

The My Laptop tracker team says

“In case you find any anti-theft software that performs better than My Device Tracker, please send us bill details of that software. We’ll refund the complete amount you paid for the My Device Tracker.”

So according to their statements, this program is very powerful and has the ability to easily track your devices.

So all of these are the best Anti-Theft Tracking tools for your device. I hope this article will provide you with a clear understanding of which tool you should use for your system’s tracking. Do you use any tracking software for your laptop?

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