6 Ways to Terminate Multiple Processes at Once In Windows

Sometimes, while using programs, they may stop responding or any program may be harmful for our System so we need to stop it and mostly people do it through opening Task Manager. But the one main issue or drawback of Task Manager is that it only closes one program at a time. In some cases many programs need to be close at the same time because they are affecting our System.

If there is more than one process which is causing bad effect on System, we have to stop them at once, because if we close them one by one, the other related process will start affecting the System. That’s why we need to make them cease at same time.

As we know Windows Task Manager is not capable of doing this so we have to move for using any Third Party tool. Following is list of all best tools that can kill multiple Windows Processes at once.

Multi-Process Killer

Download Multi-Process Killer from here

This is very light and simple tool. And Multi-Process Killer is a freeware. Just download and install it. When you launch it after installing, a window will appear that shows you all the current processes which are running on your Machine.

Then after selecting the Processes you want to terminate, and press the “Kill Selected Processes”. Then a confirmation window will appear to ask you for your confirmation. Hit “Yes” to stop the selected processes.

So in this way you can easily stop multiple Processes at the same time.


Download KillProcess from here

This tool is little bit different, as it provides you two functions, one simple Task Manager which can stop processes one by one. But you can select them at same time, and then confirmation windows will appear for each selected Process.

And if you want to create multiple Processes at once, for that purpose you have to make a list first from going to “File” and after right clicking on each process you want to add into list, add them. And then click on below button to finish the Processes of list.

And one more feature is that, it not sits idle in Tray but also see if any Process from List is active again, it’ll finish or terminate them auto as soon as they run.

Ultimate Process Killer

Download Ultimate Process Killer from here

This is another little in size, portable and free tool. That doesn’t need Java Run times to function. When you install it, it’ll show you window which is having list of all running Processors of your System.

“Kill Selected Process” will only kill one Process at a time like simple Windows Task Manger and “Kill Checked Process” will kill multiple Processes which you’ll check the specific Check Boxes of each process.

This will not ask any confirmation after selecting and pressing the key for Kill. So be sure whenever you are selecting any Process for termination.

Auto Kill Any Process

Download Auto Kill Any Process from here

As like Kill process, it will allow you to make the list of process and the list is known as HitList. Create the list first.

And then select the Processes one by one and add them to list which you created.

And after adding the Processes in list, select on Kill Now. All Processes will be deleted.

MiTec Task Manager Deluxe

Download MiTec Task Manager Deluxe from here

This is another simple tool. Select a single Process or multiple Processes to terminate them and press the key for terminate. And it’ll stop the selected Processes.

Its freeware tool and its both version 32-bit and 64-bit are available.

Taskkill Command Line Utility for terminating processes

You can also stops the multiple Processes through command line. Open the Command Line window.

And type

Taskkill /T /F /IM Firefox.exe /IM Iexplorer.exe /IM Chrome.exe

And this will lead to delete all the Processors which are running on your System.

These all are tool that may help a lot in terminating or closing multiple Processes which are currently running into your System. Use any one of them and finish more than one Process at the same time.

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