Android Oreo 8: The Latest Android Update Features

Android Oreo 8 is the latest Android update which can be installed on compatible Android devices. All those android geeks out there, here is a good news for you, google has now launched the Oreo update 8.0 and with the update comes various new features and a hell lot of customization. So let’s dig into it.

Android Oreo 8
Android Oreo 8


I know a change in the emojis is not that of a big deal but with the android fans who want everything perfect, this could be a moment of happiness for them. Last year after the nought update we saw the emojis in a blob shape which were cute for some but for me personally a little weird, so now IOS and android share almost the same emojis.

Notification dots

This is not something we have not seen in other software. iOS has introduced this feature only with a difference that it shows the number of notification instead of a dot. How this works? A dot appears on the icon of the application as soon as it receives a notification and you’ll know about the notification instead of opening the notification panel. Another use of this dot is that long pressing the icon actually shows us what the notification is about.

Notification snooze and settings

This is actually a feature I like a lot about Oreo update. Whenever you receive a notification in the notification panel, swipe the notification right and you’ll see two option a clock and a settings icon. The clock icon is used to snooze the notification from the current application from 15 min to 4 hours. The settings menu gives you many more options for customization.

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Picture in picture

This is another one of my favorite features. This feature allows you to open a small window of some apps (not all) on your home screen. The small widget keeps showing the information even if you close the apps and you do other things that you want and stay updated with what’s happening in the small window of the app. Just press home button in the screen of the opened app and it opens a small window of it.

Instant apps

This is not a new feature of Oreo, it was actually introduced in marshmallow version of Android but saying that it’s always and a lot of people didn’t know about this and the fact that it’s still intact in android Oreo makes it worthy of mention here. So basically this feature lets you use the app functionality without the need of installing it. You get a URL from the website or play store of the app you want to use, copy the URL to the browser and there you go. But you can only use it on the web page or browser.

Smart text selection

This is a feature that comes in handy in the day-to-day use. What this helps you do is as soon as you select some text it gives you various options along with copy, cut or select all. This added feature depends on the type of the text. If it’s a number it gives contact/dialer option. In case of an address it gives the addition option of opening it with the google maps and many more.

Swipe through fingerprint scanner

This is a feature that is introduced in the system UI of many phones that are not stock android but it is now introduced in google software as well. What this feature lets you do is that you can swipe through you home page, open camera etc. by making different motions on the fingerprint scanner.

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Automatic Wi-Fi

This feature makes using your phone a bit homely. What happens is that you can go in the settings and make changes in when to turn the Wi-Fi on automatically, so when you come home it turns on the Wi-Fi automatically and when you go out it does not connect randomly to any open Wi-Fi on the street which great for security too.

Auto fill

Well this is a feature that you might think is available already, yes it was in cases of forms or login id but never if of password. What is new is that if you want all your application to login with the same login id and password (comes handy in case if you have same login ids for Instagram and Facebook or other apps) you simply turn on the auto fill option and it gives you an option when logging in any app to fill it with the saved login id and password saved in auto fill.

Did we miss anything? Please share your favorite feature of Android Oreo 8 in the comment below.

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