Top 7 Antivirus Software To Use In 2020

It is important to choose the right antivirus solution for yourself and your loved ones, especially with the increasing threats and malware on the internet by the day. There are several aspects you need to consider before purchasing an antivirus solution that best fits your needs and your daily work style.

We have compiled the best antivirus solutions for 2020 that protect you and your system’s integrity to the fullest.

Our list is based on real-time tests performed by AV-Comparatives on many different antivirus software which checks the percentages of the blocked threats, any malware attacks that successfully penetrated through the antivirus, and any false-positives that may have occurred.

The bar chart below illustrates the test results conducted by AV-Comparatives in August 2020.

AV comparitives chart

Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 in 2020

Here is a list of the top 7 most secure antivirus software to use in 2020.

G-Data Antivirus

The G-Data Antivirus is a German product, which was created by a company established in 1985. They are known to be the first company that created antivirus software in the first place, which means they have years of experience in what they do. The company has based its antivirus products on two different types of scans performed by different engines; one is their own and the other is a BitDefender Engine.

Out of the 380 different test cases performed by AV-Comparatives on this software, it blocked 100 percent of the malware threats and gave only 3 false-positives.


You can download the free version of the G-Data Antivirus, or subscribe to their various packages. Once you have installed the application, fill out your details, and restart the computer when required. You are then ready to use the software.


Even with the trial version, users get the ability to deep-scan their computers for malware and get email, spam, and web protection. From the Virus Protection tab, you can also schedule automated scans and manage them.

GDATA virus protection tab

Panda Dome Advanced

Like other cyber-security companies, Panda has a variant of their antivirus software, the Panda Dome Advanced. Panda has a 30-day trial period, like others, and is deemed second-best by AV-Comparatives, according to test results.

Panda also blocked 100 percent of the malware threats by detection and gave out only 9 false-positives, 6 more than G-Data Antivirus, however, the false-positives are not dangerous for your system.

Panda SS

Panda Dome Advanced can be downloaded and installed from the link provided. The application provides easy-to-navigate option from the dashboard which gives options for the following:

  • Scan
  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • My devices
  • Data Shield
  • WiFi Protection
  • Support
  • Personal firewall
  • Application control
  • Parental control
  • Safe browsing
  • USB protection
  • Process Monitoring
  • Rescue kit
  • Virtual keyboard
  • My products

Panda DB

These are all quick-navigation options provided within Panda Dome Advanced to assist you in maintaining total control of your computer and keeping your devices at home safe from any outside threats. It not only provides complete protection, but also a secure VPN channel for you to communicate with other websites and servers over an encrypted channel.

F-Secure Total

F-Secure Total is another excellent antivirus software that provided 100 percent malware blocking in tests performed by AV-Comparatives. This means it is just as good as the other cyber-security software as mentioned above. However, it did provide a little more false-positives than the others.

fsecure ss

You may download and install the antivirus application for a free trial before purchasing the subscription. However, the method to install this application is slightly different than the others.

F-Secure Total can also be managed through an online dashboard, for which you first need to create a free account by going onto F-Secure’s website. Once you have entered your details, follow the steps below to install it:

  1. Click on Add a device.
    fsecure add device
  2. You will then need to select which device you need to secure. Do the needful to proceed.
    fsecure select type of device
  3. Then, select the type of device you wish to secure since it supports all Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
    fsecure download for windows
  4. Once done, your download will begin. Simply install the downloaded package onto the device.

Once installed, you can now configure the antivirus software to your preferences. The navigational tabs are to the left of the dashboard, from where you can move to the different settings within the application.

fsecure db 1

The app also comes with a built-in browser extension to assist you safely browse the internet, and provides a number of features through the “Tools” tab.

fsecure tools

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

The Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is another great antivirus software for personal use. It was also able to block 100 percent of the malware threats encountered through the AV-Comparatives test. Meaning, it is just as strong as its competitors. However, the software did put out a significant number of false-positives, a total of 30 to be precise.


Simply download the package and install it on your computer. Like the other antiviruses, it also provides a 30-day trial period for you to check before absolutely buying it.


The User Interface (UI) of the application seems to be very basic when compared to the others. Moreover, the number of configurable options lacked after using the above-mentioned antivirus applications. However, Trend Micro is still better than many other cybersecurity applications as it did not let any malware compromise the PC during the test.

However, the application’s UI does not seem to be very friendly, and very basic at the same time.

TM settings

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2021

BitDefender has recently launched new versions of its product, the BitDefender 2021 product line. The BitDefender Antivirus Plus is a wholesome application for you to protect your privacy and data over the internet. Despite the current hype in the cyber-security market, BitDefender was only able to block 99.7 percent of the total malware threats which the application was exposed to in tests conducted by AV-Comparatives. The other 0.3 percent were able to pass through the application and infect the PC. However, there were zero false-positives.

Bitdefender ss

You may download the BitDefender Antivirus Plus here and use the 30-day trial period, or purchase it if you like the application.

Antivirus plus DB

The layout of the application has to be the best out of all the antiviruses. It not only has a tile layout on its dashboard, but users can also navigate through the different settings through the tabs on the left.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus also comes with its own VPN to provide its customers with encrypted tunnels to perform online tasks. It also permits them to perform three different kinds of scans: Quick scan, System scan, and Vulnerability scan.

The application also has other utilities that deem to be quite helpful, such as System Optimizer, Anti-Theft, File Shredder, etc.

bitdefender utilities

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is another great antivirus application for you to use in 2020. According to the test, this application also blocked 99.7 percent of the malware threats with zero false-positives. In other words, consider Kaspersky and BitDefender being in a tie.

kaspersky ss

Download Kaspersky Total Security from their page and then install it. Upon installation, the application will prompt you to perform the tasks stated in the image below. Select the ones you would like to apply for.

kaspersky after install

The application also comes with an optional Password Manager, which can be integrated into the antivirus application upon installation or can be installed later. It has a neat, tiled interface for quick navigation.

kaspersky db

As you may find in the image above, Kaspersky Total Security has already made 5 recommendations I could make to my system to make it more secure, and gives me the option to backup and secure my data as well. Moreover, clicking on the More Tools button advances the user to more options such as Disk rescue, Network monitoring tool, data encryption, File Shredder, etc.

kaspersky tools

Vipre Advanced Security

Vipre Advanced Security is similar to Kaspersky Total Security and BitDefender Antivirus Plus in terms of threat management, according to the test performed by AV-Comparatives. It, too, blocked 99.7 percent of the threats and gave zero false-positives.

vipre ss

Head to the download page and select Vipre Advanced Security, enter your email address, and proceed to install the package. The installation might take a while as it downloads the latest security updates as well as performs its first system scan.

vipre db

The dashboard of Vipre Advanced Security is very basic, as it does not provide any features or options other than to perform system scans. However, if you switch to the Manage tab from the menu at the top, you get some of the configurable options, such as firewall, web protection and filtering, etc. There is not much variety of features as opposed to the other antivirus software that we have discussed above.

vipre features

Closing words

Having the best of the best antivirus for your protection can save you and your family from losing their sensitive data. Considering the subscription prices of all the cybersecurity applications listed above, you can now make an informed decision while choosing the right kind of software that matches your needs and requirements.

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