Best Free IFTTT Alternatives With Additional Features

This articles gives an overview of the best free IFTTT alternatives which can be used along side IFTTT for additional value for getting work done.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. It is very good and can integrate lots of task through one single account. IFTTT can make chains of small Applets. it provides you lots of alerts and services like is it rain tomorrow? get a mobile notification with IFTTT. Save your tagged photos on FB into Dropbox. Back Up your photos, mute your mobile in bed time or in meeting and many more. It connects your accounts with web-services. You can enjoy all such exciting things with IFTTT

But there are many other alternatives for IFTTT which can also give the same services and there may be some more new feature in alternatives which are not present in IFTTT. Following is the list of best alternatives of IFTTT.


Register with Skyvia

This is best alternative of IFTTT. It can have compatibility with all platforms. It can integrate apps and web tools on mostly all platforms. It don’t require any coding that makes it more unique.

It provides feature support which isn’t present in IFTTT. It can provide secure Backup feature like IFTTT.

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Microsoft Flow

Register Microsoft Flow

This is tool provided by Microsoft. It creates flow between different applications and services to synchronizes different file and fetch data from different sources.

It can make Buttons like IFTTT but cant perform much operations. Flow can do much more than IFTTT. It can perform multiple actions in one flow which IFTTT can’t. Flow has many number of supported services whereas IFTTT has less number than Flow. Like IFTTT yo can create tasks based on APIs from various services.

Cloud HQ

Register with Cloud HQ

This tool isn’t available free and mostly used by professionals. It can have ability to integrate the web based storage. This tool is only used for web solution. It is trusted by 3000 organizations.

It connects your Dropbox, GDrive and others with web-services which is also done by IFTTT. Like IFTTT, it sync your data and make Back up of your files.

This is providing you the integration which isn’t provided by any other tools.


Register with Huginn

Huginn app is perfect for integration purpose. Huginn is open source tool for all users. It can be used on wen and Linux. No matter whatever the problem is, this tool provides you the ultimate solution at every turn.

As IFTTT, it performs automated task online. It watch the events and give you alerts as provided by IFTTT.

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Get Hooks

Hooks is free tool and provides you profit from your client work. Through Push-up notifications you’ll be up to date. And can chat with people at the same time. And real time updates are also provided by this.

Like IFTTT, it provides you alert of any events that may be any concert, movie, music show or any sports event.


Register WappwolfAutomator

WappwolfAutomator is another web based tool and can be used as alternate of Cloud HQ. This is free. And it provides very good features and support to its customer free of cost. You can sync files even from Amazon Cloud Drive. It can convert files and audio from one another format. It uploads photos Facebook, Flicker, Google+ and Picasa.

Like IFTTT, it sync your data from various account. It connects your Dropbox, GDrive and others with web-services which is also done by IFTTT .

These all are best and useful tools which can be used as IFTTT alternatives. Go through them and find the best one for yourself.

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