Best Helpdesk Software to Use in 2018

Email is the primary form of digital communication. When it comes to handling customer and user emails, it becomes a daunting task to organize everything in a single inbox. This leads to need of a helpdesk software which can organize customer complaints, tickets and questions in a priority order.

Best helpdesk software 2018
Best helpdesk software 2018

Helpdesk software is an absolute necessity for organizations which interact directly with their customers through email. In this article, we will talk about the best helpdesk software which organizations can use for taking care of their ticketing and customer support needs.

What to look for in a helpdesk software?

A ton of helpdesk tools exist in the market and it gets really hard to choose the right one for your business. But there are a few ways that can help you decide which helpdesk software to choose for your business. These are:

  • Knowing Your Budget: First of all decide which tools will be available in your budget. Some tools are just too expensive and will not fit a small-sized business.
  • Ascertain your needs: Make a list of problems that you need sorted through the helpdesk software. Now search all those that fit this list and check their prices.


Price: $29

Happydesk is an efficient helpdesk and customer support platform that provides robust ticket management system to easily solve queries. It is easy to set up and requires minimal technical knowledge to keep up. The software is a great fit for small businesses that want to adopt customer relationship management functionality of large companies.

Pros: It allows users to directly create tickets from the system, email and even through social media.


Price: $25

Zendesk helps you transform your customer sales team into customer success team. The suite is full of rich customer retention and lead generation features consisting of support, chat, call support, knowledgebase and many others. It makes it ideal for businesses of any size or industry to keep customers engaged, bring-in more leads, and stay focused on problem solving.

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Pros: Zendesk is a complete set of automated ticket management, robust reporting, and API integration system for businesses of all sizes.

Zoho Desk

Price: $12

Zoho Desk is a complete client database management and ticket distribution system that blends-in excellent multi-channel support and knowledgebase within its system. Companies having Zoho Desk can instantly start live chat with aggressive customers and align those that can wait in the ticket line.

The software also lets these companies construct knowledgebase to help customers troubleshoot their problems with ease.

Pros: Zoho desk comes with company-wide collaboration, agent productivity, and social support


Price: $4

Cayzu is helpdesk and customer support package catering to support inquiries through a cloud-based portal. It supports requests from multiple channels including phone, email, mobile, and social networks with the help of an intuitive ticket workflow system.

It comes with a set of several robust features for complete automation and efficiency improvement. The software was created to keep customers and increase lead generation, so far it has worked seamlessly for that purpose. It eliminates the guesswork of customer service by providing real-time reporting for support representatives and managers, letting them effectively manage the helpdesk while decreasing their workload.

Pros: A multi-channel branded support system that uses automated workflows to make your life easier

Azure Desk

Price: $5

AzureDesk is a classic helpdesk software that provides unified support and ticket system through social media, and web-panel to answer customer queries.

The software further comes with an intelligent knowledgebase coupled with a search for self-service using a portal that displays the trending and most engaging topics. Those who don’t get the answers can raise a ticket via the AzureDesk portal or an email.

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Pros: AzureDesk doesn’t impose any restrictions on the number of tickets that can be processed. Moreover, these are automatically sent to the relevant dashboards.

Price: $20, formerly Assistly, provides a seamless way to delivery classic customer service to customers of its users. The software has won many awards due to its slick service and is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. The reason companies are falling in love with this software is because it allows users to integrate social networks so their customers can easily submit tickets directly though their social media accounts. This makes the process easier.

Pros: It also allows the companies to solve their customer’s problems directly through social media account without the need of a ticket. For example, a brand can solve the problem through Facebook private messages.


Price: $5

Teamwork is an easy, fast and simple project management software. The program was initially not made as a customer relationship management software but an all-inclusive employee and customer management suite. It is used for internal and external teams where users can communicate with each other without the need of chat app.

Teamwork has already won multiple awards in the team management category but because of its high usability, it is a great fit for companies to use it as a customer management software.

Pros: Solves problems faster through streamlined communication and priorities

Have we missed a customer support and management software from our list? Let us know through the comments below.

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