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CPU Usage

How To limit CPU Usage in Windows 10

There are times when one or more processes start taking 100% CPU usage in Windows 10. This may lead to…
Windows 10 calculator

How To Fix Windows Calculator Missing Or Uninstalled

You can reinstall Windows Calculator from Microsoft Store. If not, there are several troubleshooting methods you can adapt.
Disable system restart after Windows Updates installation

4 Ways to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Restart

Utilize advanced System Properties and Group Policy to prevent Windows automatic restarts, particularly after Windows Updates or a system failure.
View Folder Size In file explorer third party apps

How To Show Folder Size In Windows

The File Explorer does not show the folder sizes by default; only the sizes of the file. There are ways…
LedKeeper2 consuming CPU

What Is LEDKeeper2.exe And How To Remove It

Is the LEDKeeper.exe process consuming high CPU? Here is how you can fix it.
Laptop buying guide

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Laptop (New Or Used)

Read this article before making your next laptop purchase, as it will help you make the right decision in terms…
Speed Up Google Chrome Downloads

How To Increase Download Speed in Google Chrome

Get downloads done quicker on your browser! Follow these working tips to significantly increase download speed on Google Chrome.
NET Framework Generic

Download .NET Framework 4.8.1 (Offline Installers)

Alongside .NET 7 Preview 7, Microsoft has also released the stable .NET Framework 4.8.1. This version introduces new features and…
Deleting Files and Folders using Command Line in Windows

CMD Delete Folder: Delete Files and Folders using Command Line

Some folders and files are impossible to delete using Windows Explorer. These include files with long paths, names or reserved…
Microsoft Insider Programs

How To Join All Microsoft Insider Programs

Microsoft's Insider Prorams are for enthusiasts and technical users that need to get the latest features, fixes, and improvements before…

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