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How To Find Active Directory User Information With PowerShell Get ADUser

How To Find Active Directory User Information With PowerShell (Get-ADUser)

You can get all the information about a user account on the domain using the "get-ADUser" cmdlet in PowerShell. This…
3 Ways To Run EXE Files Using PowerShell

4 Ways To Run Executable (.EXE) Files Using PowerShell

There are other easier methods to run an executable file, or a script, other than from File Explorer. Learn one-liner…
PowerShell Folder Size

How To Get Folder Size Using PowerShell

Using File Explorer is one way to get to know the size of a folder, but it can take some…
Windows Firewall Allow Block

How To Block Or Allow Websites, IPs, Apps, And Ports Using Windows Firewall And PowerShell

Windows Firewall is an excellent software to filter what network traffic comes in and out of your computer. Learn how…
Powershell Generic

Download And Install PowerShell 7.2.5 (Offline Installers)

A newer version of the powerful Windows command-line tool has been released by Microsoft. This is the Windows PowerShell version…
Add user to administrators group using PowerShell

How To Add Users To Administrators Group Using Windows PowerShell

The member accounts of the Administrators group on a Windows computer have full control permissions on the computer and do…
PowerShell Script

How To Enable Script Execution In Windows PowerShell

Seeing an error when running scripts in PowerShell? The execution policy needs to be changed. Here is how to do…
Add language pack using powershell Windows11

How To Add Language Pack In Windows 11 Using PowerShell

Microsoft recently introduced a new language module for Windows PowerShell on the Dev channel for Insiders. This feature was introduced…
Download PowerShell 7 2 for Windows Mac and Linux

Download PowerShell 7.2 Stable Offline Installers

A few months after the release of Preview 10, Microsoft released an RTM or stable version of PowerShell 7.2. If…
PowerShell 7 1 5 PowerShell 7 0 8 LTS Download and Install

Download Powershell 7.1.5 and PowerShell 7.0.8 LTS (Install and Upgrade Guide)

Microsoft has released two new versions of Windows PowerShell - a powerful scripting tool that comes preinstalled with Windows. You…

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