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Disable Auto updates for Office 2021

5 Ways to Disable Microsoft Office 2021 Automatic Updates

Microsoft released its Office 2021 Suite earlier this year with a redesigned interface with lots of new features and performance…
Mount ISO in Windows

How to Mount ISO Images in Windows 11/10

ISO files, also known as ISO images, are becoming more common these days. Optical Disk Image (ISO) is an archived…

Convert DMG to ISO on Windows, Mac, Linux and Online

Both DMG and ISO files are image files used to compress and archive one or multiple files. However, one is…
Microsoft Edge Compatibility IE Mode

How to Enable and Use IE/Compatibility Mode on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft announced it would retire its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser on June 15, 2022. So what will happen to…
Convert VDI to VMDK

4 Ways to Convert VirtualBox VDI to VMware VMDK

Virtualization technologies in the 21st century allow you to run isolated operating systems and use them as you wish, without…
Enable Local Security Policy Manager Windows 11 Home Edition

How to Enable Local Security Policy (secpol.msc) in Windows 11 (Home + Pro)

All Home editions of Windows come without the Local Security Policy manager. You can still install it using the given…
Low Disk Space

How to Fix and Disable Low Disk Space Warning in Windows

You may be annoyed by a continuous notification informing you that you are running low or out of storage space…
Microsoft Store Applications Automatic Updates 1

5 Ways to Enable/Disable Automatic Updates for Microsoft Store Apps in Windows

The Microsoft Store offers a wide range of applications which include games, tools, and other programs. Some of these applications…
Check Driver Version

How to Check Installed Driver Version in Windows 11/10

Drivers are the next most essential thing a computer needs after its Operating System. Without the drivers, all the individual…
Manage BitLocker Using Command Line

How To Manage BitLocker Using Command Line in Windows (Manage-bde)

BitLocker is a built-in tool in Windows used to encrypt your data and keep it secure. We have already discussed…

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