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Microsoft Edge Browser

Just two days after the release of Google Chrome 89, Microsoft has released Edge 89, both are based on the latest version of the Chromium browser. Edge 89 should include all the bug fixes and security updates announced in Chrome 89. Edge 89 will be rolled out to the users in stages. If you wish… Read more

Just last week Microsoft released a newer version of their Chromium Edge, the Edge v88. They have now released their security baseline to make it more secure for their users and easier for the sysadmins to implement browser security across their network when using Microsoft Edge. Security Baseline is Microsoft’s recommended set of configurations to… Read more

Right before the start of this shopping season, Microsoft has released Edge 87 to the stable channel adding some great shopping features built into the browser. According to Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping online. Microsoft Edge is the only browser with built-in tools to help you save time and money while… Read more

Microsoft released the Chromium Edge Browser a while ago, but now comes pre-installed with the new Windows 10 v20H2. Some apps only work with the legacy Edge. There is no other way to bring back Legacy Edge but to uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium first. These two browsers can’t survive together. Let us show you how… Read more

Microsoft recently introduced a Startup Boost feature with the release of Edge Version 88 which is still a Canary build. The primary function of this feature is to speed up the Edge application launch when it is executed through a shortcut icon, the Taskbar, or through hyperlinks. This feature might be a game-changer for Edge… Read more

Microsoft has recently released Microsoft Edge Version 86. As expected, they have introduced new features to accommodate the user’s needs and provide them with a better experience. Ever since the new Chromium-based Edge was released, Microsoft has been working on its browser head-over-heals to get it back in the game with its competition. The biggest… Read more

Microsoft is building a real competitor to Google Chrome. While Microsoft Edge has already been released, it is in active development. Microsoft is introducing features that are not available in Chrome yet. One feature is an auto-hide address bar when Edge is running in fullscreen mode. This is especially useful when you want to browse… Read more