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Windows 10 Backup and Data Recovery

Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10 every six months. Each version has a lifecycle of 18 months before it is discontinued. There are a few ways to download the latest version of Windows 10. You can use a simple trick to download any Windows 10 version using the Media Creation Tool. Microsoft recommends… Read more

Windows 10 apps come with their data and configuration settings. When you backup the data, the configuration is not necessarily backed up. Since some apps configurations and customization settings are very important, they should be backed up separately. The default Windows backup does not give any option to save app settings separately. We’ll need to… Read more

Microsoft Windows allows its users to rollback to the previous version after they have upgraded to a newer one. However, it is only possible to rollback your Operating System version within the next 10 days of upgrading. This is true in the case of upgrading to a new version on the stable release as well… Read more

Microsoft provides several ways to uninstall a stable update in Windows 10. You can also rollback Windows Updates including feature updates and cumulative updates. If you are using Windows Insider, then you can also rollback and uninstall the latest version of the installed Windows Insider build. We will discuss all three scenarios one by one… Read more

Having your data backed up and saved in a safe location is always a smart thing to do. It provides data redundancy and the data be restored if something bad were to happen to the original device. This is why Windows 10 offers multiple ways to backup data on your device in such a way… Read more

If you have enabled system protection, the system will activate volume shadow copies service that may take up a certain amount of space in your drive which will not be visible in the folder structure. If you need more space, you can either delete the shadow copies or disable the service to make more space… Read more

If you lose your Bitlocker drive encryption key, there is no straight-forward way to recover Bitlocker encrypted data. However, if the encrypted drive gets corrupt or damaged, there are workarounds that may work in your favor and you may be able to decrypt your data again. To find a solution, please read on! BitLocker is… Read more

Microsoft has made it quite simple to download and install and update Windows 10 using Windows Update. But if you have bought a laptop or computer which comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, it has an OEM license and does not get re-installed easily. You need to have recovery media for your laptop to make sure… Read more