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If you are a Google Chrome user then you might have faced an error of “This site can’t be reached”. This is so annoying that you really need to open any web page and Chrome gives you this frustrating error. There may be many reasons behind this error may be your DNS server isn’t responding… Read more

Google Chrome browser keeps the browsing history for 90 days and then it deletes the history automatically. If you use the computer too much daily for your professional things and task and lots of searching and browsing are done on your browser. Sometimes you need the old searched URLs which you opened at someday and… Read more

Social media has become a trend in today’s era. Everybody is engaged in uploading and sharing everything related to their daily activities of business, personal or any stuff. The limit of age doesn’t matter at all. Kids as well as older people are using social media actively. The Facebook and Instagram are two most used… Read more

While surfing the internet through the Chrome browser, you get an error that your connection isn’t private. It can be an alarming error for you because you are doing much personal and sensitive stuff on the internet and if a connection is not private then this may cause loss or leakage of your private information… Read more

I recently installed Google Drive on Windows Server 2012 R2 to have a backup of some important data in real time. The installation went through successfully but when I wanted to sign into my Google account, it would freeze on Sign into Google Drive, One Moment Please. In this article, I will explain how I… Read more

VPN are tools or software that provides you security over using internet. This software encrypts your data so that no one can use your data. The encryption hides all of your data for security purpose. Some VPN software is free and some are paid. As for free software there are many limitations and restriction because… Read more

Google drive is used for storing your files, pictures, and all other important stuff. it’s one of the cool feature is that you can share your files even with those users who don’t have google account. It is not wrong at all to say that “Google is starting platform for free online office productivity”. It… Read more