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The stable version of Google Chrome 74 has been released on 23rd April 2019. It includes some exciting features including dark mode, improvements in incognito mode, additional functionality in Picture in Picture mode, etc.

Chrome 74

Chrome 74

Since all the features are included in beta version and the latest beta will, most probably, be released as the stable version, we have installed and tested the beta version with the features promised by Google in this version.

Update: Chrome 74 Stable has been released and we have updated the content and the download links.

New features in Chrome 74

Dark mode

The dark mode was added to Chrome in 73 but it was only compatible with Mac OS. With the release of version 74, the dark mode will be available for Windows as well. The dark mode will follow the system settings meaning that if you have enabled dark mode in Windows, Chrome will also open in dark mode by default.

You can also change the settings to always use dark or light mode.

Incognito mode improvements

Chrome incognito mode

Chrome incognito mode

From now on, Google has blocked the detection of incognito mode for all websites. Previously, websites were able to detect that the user is using incognito mode and made changes to the page accordingly. This feature may not work properly in Chrome 74 but with version 75, the functionality should be integrated fully.

Additional functionality in Picture in Picture mode

Chrome’s picture in picture mode is a great addition to the browser. It lets the user pop out the video being played on top of all other windows so that the video keeps on playing in a smaller pop-up window while the user can do other things.

Google is adding more functionality support for PiP mode by enabling multimedia key support for Chrome 74. If you have a multimedia keyboard, you will be able to control the volume, next, previous, stop, pause, start, etc. when in PiP mode.

You can check out this page if you are a developer and want to know more about improvements in DevTools in Chrome 74. And this article discusses each change in Chrome 74 in detail.

Some features that have not been added to Chrome 74 but will be released with Chrome 75 include the following:

  • Send tabs directly from one device to another device.
  • Prevent automatic downloading of files
  • Focus mode for better reading
  • Separate menu for extensions for a cleaner experience

Download Chrome 74

Please note that since Chrome 74 is releasing tomorrow, we will give the stable version links once they are available from Google’s official site. You can download the beta version for now using the link below:

Download: Google Chrome 74 for Windows 64-bit [53.22 MB]

Download: Google Chrome 74 for Windows 32-bit [52.14 MB]

Download: Google Chrome MSI Installer [Enterprise Edition]

Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer for MacOS

Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

Download: Google Chrome for Android

Download: Google Chrome for iOS

Download: Google Chrome Portable

Download: Google Chrome Software Removal Tool

If you are looking for other editions of Chrome, you can download beta, dev and canary editions from here.

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