Download Google Chrome 86 With Tab Throttling and compromised password detection

Google has recently released the new Chrome 86. We have highlighted what the new version has to offer so that you may download and install it accordingly as per your discretion. Chrome…

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Google Chrome Update

Google has recently released the new Chrome 86. We have highlighted what the new version has to offer so that you may download and install it accordingly as per your…

Google Chrome Update

Google has recently released the new Chrome 86. We have highlighted what the new version has to offer so that you may download and install it accordingly as per your discretion.

Chrome 86 has new features that make the user experience even better than it already was while focusing on security protocols. Chrome users are now more secure through unverified HTTP forms and automatic notifications for compromised passwords from the saved passwords in Chrome.

The Chrome 86 now has a tab throttling feature which was postponed from version 85, along with other security updates. Moreover, Google has improved its focus highlighting in the new version of Chrome, making it easier on the user’s eyes.

Google has addressed a total of 35 security vulnerabilities, out of which 8 are deemed to be of high importance. After updating Google Chrome, the build number will change to 86.0.4240.75.

You can download the Chrome v86 from the download section below, or you can update the existing version of Chrome by clicking on Settings from the three dots in the top-right corner, expand help, and then click About Google Chrome. Then click Relaunch and Chrome will re-open in the updated version.


Release Summary

  • Complete release build: 86.0.4240.75
  • Release date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous buildChrome 85
  • Bug fixes: 15. More information about security fixes can be found here.

Let’s go through some of the features introduced in Chrome 86.

Improved focus highlighting

Google has improved its highlighting effects in Chrome v86 for the people that rely on accessibility text and colors. The updated version of Chrome can now better highlight what the user is selecting before they proceed to click it, by hovering their mouse over the selection area, as in the example below.


This feature can be enabled by going into the settings of Google Chrome, then from the left pane, expand Advanced, then click on Accessibility. Not from the right pane, turn the slider in on position in front of Show a quick highlight on the focused object.

activate focus

Change compromised passwords quickly

A new feature has been introduced to Chrome 86 where it can check all your saved passwords in the password manager and prompt the user of any compromised ones. If so, there is now a button available Change your password which then redirects the user to a well-known URL of the relevant website to immediately change their password.

With this quick navigation, it saves the user from the unnecessary hassle of going through the “change password” dilemma manually.

To check all your stored passwords, simply go to the Chrome settings, click on Autofill on the left, and then click Passwords on the right. The tab will then expand and click on Check passwords.

check passwords

Chrome will then run a short scan to check the integrity of the stored passwords and let you know accordingly. Since all my passwords were already secure, it gave me a green colored check mark.

no comp passs

Background tab throttling

The background tab throttling was originally meant to be a part of Chrome v85. However, it got delayed and is now a part of Chrome v86.

This technology enables the tabs running in the background that have not been accessed in the last 5 minutes to stay alive, by triggering them once every minute. This way, the tabs would not go idle and reload entirely when a user accesses it after 5 minutes or more.

Insecure form warning

Previously, google warned its users whether a website was secure with SSL protocol or not with the aid of a small lock icon next to the URL in the search bar. If it was locked, it would mean that the site and any form that is open is secure, if unlocked, it meant that the website is using HTTP forms, rather than HTTPS.

With the Chrome v86, users will now be given a more prominent warning, and a notification stating “This form is not secure” will be displayed under the search box, as opposed to the previously subtle warning with the lock.

Features in developer tools

Google Chrome has added new features to the developer tools with the new update. Here are some significant changes made:

  • The File System Access API is now available in Chrome. Developers can now view and write to files from a disk, and then save it.
  • Web Human Interface Devices (HID) API is now available in Chrome as origin trials. Now web-based games can take complete advantage of such devices through Google Chrome.
  • The Multi-Screen Windows Placement API is now also available in Chrome as origin trials. You can now enumerate the screen on which your browser window is open.

Read here for more detailed information on the new developer tools.

Chrome 86 for Android

Google has also launched Chrome 86 for Android, where they have made changes to the layout of the accessibility of the setting through the ellipsis. Google has added icons next to different settings in the menu, as well as changed the color of the different categories from white to grey at the top.

Download Google Chrome 86

There are a few methods that can be used to update your Chrome browser to the latest version including:

  • Update using Google update
  • Use the download Chrome installer
  • Using Ninite
  • Download Chrome without using a browser

All these methods have been discussed on a separate page here:

All methods to download and run the latest Google Chrome

You can use any method of your choice to download, install, and run the latest Chrome browser. Otherwise, simply download it using the links given below:

DownloadGoogle Chrome web installer

DownloadGoogle Chrome offline installer

DownloadGoogle Chrome MSI Installer [Enterprise Edition]

DownloadGoogle Chrome for macOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

DownloadGoogle Chrome for Android

DownloadGoogle Chrome for iOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Portable

The next version of Chrome, which is Chrome 87, is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2020. The company is rumored to be working on improving the PDF experience in Chrome by adding a toolbar at the top for file modification and customization.

The developer tools are meant to be further expanded by adding new features, giving the developers a vast variety of options and choices. More information about Chrome 87 can be read here.

With the latest Chrome version available, it is certain that updating the web browsers will add more security as well as cool new features for us to use. Moreover, it is also helpful for the developers as they are exposed to new tools and features.

We believe that Google is going out of its way to match its competitors in the browser market, what do you think? Has it become the equivalent of Edge or Firefox?

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