Download Google Chrome 89: Web Sharing + Web NFC for Android

Download Google Chrome 89Download Google Chrome 89

Google has released Chrome version 89 to the stable channel. Anyone using Google Chrome can now update it to the latest build, and those not using can download it from the links provided further down the article.

This update supports multiple new features such as WebHID, Web NFC (for Android), and Web Sharing. They have also updated the icon displayed in the Omnibox when an installable Progressive Web App (PWA) is available. Installing this version will upgrade your build to 89.0.4389.72.

A total of 47 vulnerabilities have been addressed in Chrome 89, out of which 8 are deemed to be of high priority. Now let us continue to discuss how you can download and upgrade your web browser to Chrome v89, and then we shall continue on to discuss its new features and fixes.

There are a few different methods that can be used to update your Chrome browser to the latest version, including:

  • Update using Google update
  • Use the downloaded Chrome installer
  • Using Ninite
  • Download Chrome without using a browser

All these methods have been discussed on a separate page here:

All methods to download and run the latest Google Chrome

Upgrade to Chrome 89

If you already have Google Chrome on your PC, then updating it would be easy. Please follow the guide below to update your existing Chrome browser to version 89.

Open Google Chrome and click on the ellipses (3 dots) in the top-right corner of the browser. Then, expand Help, and click About Google Chrome.

about 1

As soon as the About page opens, the browser will start searching for an update and then automatically download it. Once it is ready to install, you will be presented with a relaunch button. Note that the browser closes when you click Relaunch and then reopens, restoring all closed tabs.


When the browser reopens, you can navigate to the About Google Chrome page and confirm that it has indeed been updated to version 89.


Download the browser from the links listed below if you do not already have it.

Download Google Chrome 89

Click on the links below to download Chrome 89 :

DownloadGoogle Chrome web installer

DownloadGoogle Chrome offline installer

DownloadGoogle Chrome MSI Installer [Enterprise Edition]

DownloadGoogle Chrome for macOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

DownloadGoogle Chrome for Android

DownloadGoogle Chrome for iOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Portable

Install Google Chrome 89

Installing the Chrome browser on a Windows PC is as easy as downloading them. The process may vary for different platforms.

Once you have downloaded the file from the links above, double-click it to run it. The rest of the process is pretty much automatic. The setup will download the required files (if the web installer was downloaded), install it for you and the browser will launch itself as soon as it is installed successfully.


The process is the same for all Windows computers.

What’s new in Chrome 89

Support for uncommon HID devices

HID, or Human Interface Devices, takes input from or gives to humans. A classic example of such devices are keyboards, mice, etc. Chrome 89 now supports more devices that are not standardized, such as gamepads, joysticks, etc. that are not that common. The list also includes support for other auxiliary keyboards with varying layouts.

This will allow users to use various peripherals that they have been unable to thus far. To read more about their WebHID feature, read Google’s blog post.

Support for serial communication

Chrome 89 now also supports direct communication with serial buses. Serial buses/ports are the communication interfaces that send and receive data in bits or bytes. A web browser such as Chrome is now capable of directly taking input to and from these serial buses through Web Serial APIs.

This is an excellent feature to have when working with web-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) or creating an Arduino project.

You can read more in depth about the feature here.

Support for Web NFC on Android

This feature is only supported for Chrome 89 on Android devices. Near Field Communications (NFC) is done via short-range wireless communication that operates at a certain frequency. Using this technology, Chrome 89 can now read and write from and to (respectively) NFC tags.

An NFC tag is like a small chip that transmits short waves. However, these devices are passive. Meaning, they do not run on any power source. In fact, they draw power from the devices attempting to read these tags (such as phones) through magnetic induction. Each transmitted frequency can then be set to perform a specific function.

This already-fascinating technology can now be interpreted directly by Chrome 89. You can read more about it in Google’s post.

Share files directly to native apps

Thanks to Web Share and Web Share Target, users can now transfer data directly from a website to the applications on their computer. This is especially useful if your website has interactive data such as files and images.

You can read more about the feature here.

PWA warning in DevTools

Google has incorporated a warning in the DevTools if a PWA does not provide a valid response when offline. Google states that offline support has always been their priority and will not allow PWAs that do not meet these criteria.

If your PWA already has an offline experience, you’re all set. There’s no action required, but, if you don’t, it’s time to add one!


Release summary

  • Complete release build: 89.0.4389.72
  • Release date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous buildChrome 88
  • Bug fixes: 47. More information about security fixes can be found here.

Final verdict

The features introduced in this new release may not be of any use to regular Chrome users. However, it may be of significant advantage to the developers. Nonetheless, we would still advise you to upgrade to the latest version ASAP as it also caters to security vulnerabilities.

Also, having the support for NFC tags on your Android phones is a pretty nifty thing to have. You can configure NFC tags to perform certain tasks when your phone scans them. In some cases, we have seen people automate their tasks using just these tags. Now that this feature is in Chrome, the possibilities are endless.

Google Chrome release dates for 2021

  • Chrome 90 – 13th April 2021
  • Chrome 91 – 25th May 2021
  • Chrome 92 – 20th July 2021
  • Chrome 93 – 31st August 2021
  • Chrome 94 – 12th October 2021
  • Chrome 95 – 30th November 2021
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