Get The Refreshed UI For Google Chrome In 2023


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Google is introducing a redesigned UI for Chrome. Get a preview of the new design improvements before everyone else.

Get The Refreshed UI For Google Chrome In 2023Get The Refreshed UI For Google Chrome In 2023

If you are a regular Chrome user, then we have exciting news for you. Google has been working on improving the Chrome browser’s interface for quite some time now, but it never actually made its way to the end users.

Now, you can experience the new and improved User Interface (UI) of Google Chrome to have a more modernized look and feel while surfing the web. These visual changes are part of Google’s Chrome Refresh 2023 (CR23) campaign that will make significant changes to the Chrome browser. As the name suggests, Google is attempting to revamp the Chrome experience for users.

Let us now show you how to enable the new UI refresh 2023 in Chrome.

Enable New UI Refresh 2023 in Google Chrome

Since the CR23 features are still experimental, they need to be enabled using 3 Chrome flags. Before we show you how to enable the flags, make sure you have Google Chrome version 114 or above.

Check your Chrome version by going to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

At the moment, the Insider channels for Google Chrome have Chrome version 114 running. If you want to experience the new Chrome UI today, then you must download and install Google Chrome Canary or Dev.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installers [Beta, Dev, Canary]

Once you have Google Chrome version 114 or higher, continue to perform the following steps to enable the new UI for Chrome:

  1. Open the Chrome browser and enter the following in the Omnibox:

    Open Chrome flags
    Open Chrome flags
  2. Search for “Chrome Refresh 2023.”

    Search for Chrome Refresh 2023
    Search for Chrome Refresh 2023
  3. Select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu in front of Chrome Refresh 2023.

    Enable Chrome Refresh 2023
    Enable Chrome Refresh 2023
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the following three flags:

    • Omnibox expanded state height
    • Omnibox expanded state shape
    • Omnibox steady state icons
    Enable new Omnibox UI
    Enable new Omnibox UI
  5. Click “Relaunch.’

    Relaunch Chrome
    Relaunch Chrome

When the Chrome browser launches, you will notice some changes in Chrome’s UI.

New UI for Google Chrome
New UI for Google Chrome

What’s New in Chrome Refresh 2023

Chrome’s UI has more or less been the same for quite some time now. They are updating Google Chrome every 4 weeks, but mostly focusing on fixes and other improvements. Chrome Refresh 2023 is interface-focused and plans to revamp the entire GUI structure for the browser.

In this early preview of Google Chrome Refresh 2023, you can notice a few changes near the top of the browser. After enabling the new UI, you will find relatively larger buttons with rounded corners at the top of the window. Similarly, many of the dialog boxes now also have rounded corners.

Additionally, the buttons in the ribbon bar have also been updated with a new design. Moreover, Chrome’s menu also has a few changes – new icons are now visible to keep in tone with the overall feel of the browser.

New UI of Chromes menu
New UI of Chromes menu

What’s Coming to Google Chrome

There are all the changes currently visible in the new Chrome Refresh 2023 campaign by Google. However, we believe that Google is already working on new features that may soon make their way to the end users.

There are rumors that Google also plans to include a feature that will update Chrome’s themes to match that of the background set by you.

Additionally, according to a tweet, Google also plans to change the design of the toggles and give it a more modern look.

Let us know what you think of the revamped UI of Chrome.

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