Control System Monitor Brightness and Contrast Easily Automatically And Manually

Sometime controlling monitor’s brightness and contrast manually cause irritation and seems little hard. You have to press keys form Keyboard again and again to set the brightness accordingly. That may cause hindrance in your work. There may be case when some laptops don’t have brightness buttons. So those users have to set it through Control Panel. That’s again a time taking task.

Here is the solution to get rid of this. Install following discuss tools and you don’t have to set your System’s brightness again and again.


This is simple Portable freeware Tool, used to set the brightness and contrast of your Monitor. It works with Windows 7/8/10.

Download ClickMonitorDDC from here

Click on its Notification Icon from Taskbar or moves the wheel of mouse over its Notification Icon from Taskbar to adjust the values for Brightness and Contrast. This works faster than manually. And it is quite easy to change the values through this.

After downloading it, open it from clicking its icon from System’s tray. A window will appear which has different numbers or values for Brightness and Contrast. You can’t enter value of your choice. You have to choose from already given values.

If you want more speed then you can do it through Command Line parameters which work faster. And you can set special hot keys for performing specific operations. To open Settings right click on its icon and go to “Settings”. These keys are following

  • B20 sets the Brightness of First Monitor to 20.
  • C30 sets the Contrast of first monitor to 30.
  • B+6, C-8 increase the actual Brightness to 6 and decrease the Contrast to 8.
  • 2b+10 increases the Second Monitor’s Brightness by 20.
  • PL2779Q b 20 sets the Brightness to 20 of Monitor name Pl2779Q.
  • S HDMI sets the monitor input for HDMI.

This is very simple and amazing tool in performance. You can easily adjust Brightness and Contrast of your system without configuring it manually.


Download f.lux from here

This is very exciting and useful tool. It adopts the brightness according to the outside light. It makes you sleep better and feels better. It makes your System like your room. When its night, f.lux make it like indoor lights and in morning make it again like sunlight.

For f.lux you just have to tell what kind of light you want to have, then leaved all on f.lux. It’ll adjust the Brightness automatically and accordingly.

These above two tools are used to control the Brightness and Contrast of your System and now you don’t have to press the Keys again and again from Keyboard. Thank you

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