3 Ways to Convert ESD To ISO in Windows

Electronic Software Download (ESD) files used to be Microsoft’s proprietary Windows updates format. Files downloaded through Windows Update…


Electronic Software Download (ESD) files used to be Microsoft’s proprietary Windows updates format. Files downloaded through Windows Update would be saved locally in the ESD format. However. Microsoft has now shifted to UUP-based formatting. That said, people still having ESD files need to use them from time to time.

ESD files are compressed and encrypted versions of WIM files and need to be decrypted before you can view and use the content within. Unlike ISO files, Windows does not natively support ESD files, and thus cannot be mounted.

A few methods are using which you can convert an ESD file into an ISO file so that they could be used easily.

How to Converd ESD File to ISO

Using DISM++

Dism++ is a tool that gives a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the Windows DISM utility. DISM is a powerful command-line tool from Microsoft for different Windows operations like adding/removing Windows components, compacting the operating system, installing/uninstalling Windows updates, backup and restore the system, etc.

While DISM is a command-line tool, DISM++ uses a GUI to perform the same tasks. In addition to other useful tasks, DISM++ can also convert ESD files to ISO format. The process is simple and can be done by non-professional users.

Perform the following to convert an ESD file to an ISO image:

  1. Download DISM++ from here.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, navigate to the extracted filder and then run DISM++x64.exe or DISM++x86.exe (depending upon your operating systems architecture).
    DISM run
  3. Proceed by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and then click File from the top menu, then click ESD –> ISO.
    dism esd to iso
  4. Click Browse (top) and select the ESD file to convert, then click Browse and enter a name and location for the converted ISO file. When done, click Finish.
    dism browse finish

The DISM++ tool will now begin converting the ESD file into an ISO file. The conversion process may take some time to complete. Once completed, you will get your desired ISO file in the directory you selected.

Using ESD Decrypter Utility

You can also perform the same as above using the ESD Decrypter Utility. This is a command-line tool that will convert any ESD file into an ISO image in a few simple cmdlets. Here is how:

  1. Download ESD Decrypter Utility and exctract the contents.
  2. Navigate to the extracted folder and run the “1.ESDISO.bat” file with administrative rights. This can be done by right-clicking it and then selecting Run as administrator from the context menu.
    decrypter run
  3. The tool will now run using the Command Prompt. You will be asked whether you wish to use a custom Cyptographic key. Select No by entering “N.”
    N 1
  4. You will then be asked whether you want to use a custom Destination path. Enter “N” again.
  5. Now provide the complete path to the ESD file along with the extension when asked by the tool, then press Enter twice.
    decrypter path

The tool will now begin decrypting and converting the ESD file into an ISO image, which will be saved automatically in the same directory as the extracted folder.

Using NTLite

NTLite is another tiny utility that will convert your ESD files to ISO images. Follow the given steps to use this tool for the conversion:

  1. Download NTLite (Free) and install the tool.
  2. From the utility, click Add at the top, and then click Image file (WIM, ESD, SWM) from the expanded menu.
    ntlite add
  3. Now browse to the ESD file which you want to convert and select it.
  4. Now click Create ISO from the top menu, and then select a name and location where you want to save the converted file.

Once selected, the tool will begin converting the ESD file into an ISO file, which could be found in the selected directory.

Closing Words

Once you have converted an ESD file into an ISO image, you should be able to use it like another ISO file.

There are other tools available online that we have not discussed in this post, such as ESDtoISO and ESD Toolkit, this is because ESDtoISO does not officially work, and the latter (ESD Toolkit) is basically a renamed version of the ESD Decrypter utility.

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  1. after click finish
    red line appears

    only supports microsoft online esd file into iso files

  2. At the end of conversion, cyclic redundancy check error comes. Please help.

    1. Use Ultra ISO For conversion

      1. Manmohan Singh says:

        Where is the option to convert ESD file to ISO in the Ultra ISO application?

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  4. use it to get back to 1709…away from the damn 1809 that brings non workin drivers and all that…works like a charm – thanks man

  5. proccess successfully completed, thanks man

  6. When I try to start DismPP, it says ACCESS DENIED, please advise

  7. Mate, your site rocks! Thanks for all the stuff you make available to us! :)

  8. Dism++x64 Convrting error The specified buffer contains ill-formed data

  9. Amit Chopra says:

    Good Working Programm.

  10. This is a Very Usefull and Good Working Programm.
    Like Light and Portable.

    Thank you very much !

  11. Why is downloaded Windows ESD file genuine but after conversion with DISM++ Windows ISO file is not genuine ?

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  13. converting- 16299.15.170928-1534.rs3_release_clientconsumer_ret_x86fre_en-us_1ad866a4a9b80e05103c60aaa62ef57613b9b917.esd to iso
    it shows error “the date is invalid”

  14. the specified buffer contains ill formed data

    1. The specified buffer contains ill-formed data.

  15. It says “The specified Buffer contains data in wrong format” What I can do?

  16. “The specified buffer contains ill-formed data”

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  19. nitesh Agrawal says:

    which file i have to choose in destination when i have don’t have iso. which iso i should choose ? why should i choose iso when i am converting ESD to iso?

    1. For destination, you can select a folder and then give the name of ISO you want to create like :


      After the conversion process, you will find ConvertedWin10.iso on Desktop.

      1. it says the data is invalid

  20. Vincent Poy says:

    Download link doesn’t work as it redirects to a 404 error.

    1. just replace the “%20%20” by “++” in the url
      somehow, the server converts the plus into “%20” !

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