Convert ESD To ISO Easily Using Dism++ GUI

Electronic Software Download (ESD) file is a file downloaded from Microsoft download application. This file format is usually used by Microsoft for sending upgrades to its Operating System and other software. ESD is encrypted and should be decrypted before we can see its contents. There are a few tools for decrypting ESD file and converting the ESD file to ISO easily.

There is a very popular command-line ESD Decrypter utility for converting ESD to ISO but we will not talk about that utility. Instead, we will discuss about graphically converting ESD to ISO which is easier and safer than the command-line.

Using Dism++ for converting ESD to ISO

Dism++ is a wonderful tool which gives a graphical user interface to Windows dism utility. Dism is a powerful command-line tool from Microsoft for different Windows operations like adding/removing Windows components, compacting the Operating System, installing/uninstalling Windows updates, backup and restore Windows system etc.

While Dism does it command-line, Dism++ uses a graphical user interface to perform the same tasks. In addition to other useful tasks, Dism++ can also convert ESD files to ISO format. The process is as simple as selecting source ESD file and destination ISO file name. Let’s go through the process in details. To convert EST to ISO, do the following:

  1. Download Dism++ from here:

    Convert ESD To ISO Easily Using Dism++ GUI 2  Dism++ (3.5 MiB, 14,219 hits)

  2. Unzip and run Dism++x64.exe or Dism++x86.exe depending upon your Windows installation.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
    Dism   user agreement - ESD to ISO conversion start
  4. Go to File menu and select ESD –>ISO
    Selecting ESD to ISO from Dism
  5. Give the file path of source file which should be ESD.
  6. Give destination path of source which should end in .ISO.
    ESD to ISO format conversion wizard
  7. Clicking the Finish button or Alt + F keyboard shortcut will start the conversion process.

The conversion process may take some time to complete. After the completion, you will get your desired ISO file on the path you selected in step 6.

Hopefully this will save you from command-line complex operations for converting ESD to ISO. If you encounter any difficulty during the conversion process, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to fix things together.

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