Download CorelCAD 2017 Offline Installer For Windows And Mac OS


CorelCad 2017 is the 3D designing, drawing and painting software. You may find the CorelCAD 2017 offline installer link for Windows and Mac OS at the end of this article.

CorelCAD 2017 Offline Installer

CorelCad 2017 is a powerful 2D drafting and 3D design tool. It has versatile file support for .DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR. Its output options are diverse, including 3D print-ready. You may carry out your designing and drawing with it for automation and customization in a proper and professional way.

The good thing about the offline installer is you do not need an active connection while their installation, and you may share the same installer with your friends and colleagues for the software installation because the offline installers are a complete standalone installer of a software.

CorelCAD 2017 New Features

Let’s see its new and enhanced features first then we will discuss some other features of this 3D designing software.

Patterns along paths: It uses the new Pattern commands to create copies of specified objects along a path. The established path can be in various shapes, such as a line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, or spline, plus the alignment options will control the pattern’s final appearance.

Centerline construction: It helps you in establish exacting centerlines between pairs of lines, arcs, and polyline segments. And even set the extension for centerlines to exceed the shapes that define the contour. Best of all, the specific LineStyle for centerlines is assigned automatically.

Trimming options: It cuts quickly with confidence using the handy Trim and PowerTrim tools to precisely edit hatches and solid, single-color or multicolor-gradient fills. Once the divisions are made, the resulting hatch and color fills will maintain their association to subsequent boundary objects and stay as one object.

Auto-Completion for commands: You can streamline your workflow with a UI that allows you to apply an auto-completion function for command and variable names as you type them. In addition, it can display a list of suggested command and variable names that will contain your typed substring.

SplitDimension: Divide lines with CorelCAD 2017 wherever needed with the ability to split dimension and extension lines of dimension objects where they cross other shapes. Conversely, you can also rejoin dimension and extension lines that were before split.

The object moves: You may use the ChangeSpace command to move objects, such as a title block or part list, from your Model workspace to a Layout sheet or vice versa. During the command process, the selected objects will be scaled within the new workspace to maintain its visual appearance.

EditXBlockAttribute: It lets you change the BlockAttribute values and properties of your inserted Blocks within any drawing to display relevant information about a particular piece or component as text, such as a quantity, weight or another characteristic.

With this new functionality, you can also format the attribute text so it will be visibly different and separate from other attributes in the drawing.

Built for speed on Windows, Mac, and Android devices: CorelCAD offers a powerful 32-bit and 64-bit application for Windows, 64-bit application for Mac OS and CorelCAD Mobile for Android Tablets.

Now, you can work more quickly and efficiently on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices on the platform of your choice.

A few other features

Native .DWG files: You can open, edit and save files in .DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. As the native file format, CorelCAD offers .DWG, .DXF and .DWF support up to the latest AutoCAD (R2013 .DWG) file format versions.

Industry-standard CAD features: CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs. So experienced users will feel comfortable with the familiar command bar, command aliases, and menu and toolbar items.

3D modeling and solid editing tools: Add 3D solid primitives to your design and use Boolean operations to unite, intersect and subtract bodies. Use advanced editing tools like Filleting Edges of 3D Solids, and coloring, moving, rotating and offsetting faces of 3D solids.

Layer tools: Work in a consistent manner with Layer Preview and Layer transparency features to align project elements, including drawing components from the recent versions of AutoCAD .DWG files.

Layer States Manager: Keep the layers in perfect order by using the Layer States dialog.

Windows ribbon UI: Increase productivity with the customizable ribbon UI* workspaces and use the contextual ribbon

Annotative Scaling: You can keep your important text readable and separate from your drawing and viewport scale functions.

Table support: Easily insert, delete, merge or resize cells, rows, and columns within existing tables with the tool.

CorelCAD 2017 Offline Installer Download Links

Download CorelCAD 2017 offline installer for Windows 32-bit

Download CorelCAD 2017 offline installer for Windows 64-bit

Download CorelCAD 2017 offline installer for MacOS

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