Microsoft Plans To Add AI Assistant “Cowriter” To Notepad

Cowriter For Notepad featured imageCowriter For Notepad featured image

Key Points

  • Cowriter is an AI-enabled assistant specific to Notepad.
  • No official announcements have been made from Microsoft – this feature has been discovered by aftermarket Windows tweakers and whispered.
  • This AI feature should be able to shorten or lengthen the text, rewrite it, and change its tone or format.

The Notepad is a text editor that comes preinstalled with the Windows operating system and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It is mainly used for taking notes, and making memos and drafts, and may also be used by developers to edit or create code files.

As Microsoft is moving toward an AI-powered environment, adding more AI features to Windows OS is one of their goals – and this is also what the rumors for Windows 12 indicate. Microsoft also adds its AI element to the Notepad, known as “Cowriter.” Cowriter will enable users to use Notepad more productively by offering various options.

There is no official announcement yet from Microsoft, but the aftermarket Windows tweakers have uncovered Cowriter in Notepad through what they claim is “magic.” In a post on X (Twitter), PhantomOfEarth shares a screenshot of Notepad where you can see the options provided by Cowriter.

The following options can be seen, and although their means are self-explanatory, this is what each of those options can do:

  • Rewrite: Rewrites your text using synonyms and improve sentence structuring.
  • Make shorter: Summarizes the text.
  • Make longer: Making the provided text longer and more explanatory.
  • Change tone: Changes the tone of the text. For example, it can rewrite an informal letter to your friend into something formal that you can share with your boss while maintaining the context of the letter.
  • Change format: Applies generalized format to the provided text. For example, it can change text in simple paragraphs into the format of an email, with a formal introduction, a subject line, etc.

In addition to this discovery, another user on X by the name “TeroAlhonen” discovered Cowriter files on a Windows system. He also posted an image of Cowriter being used the way it’s meant to be.

That said, by the looks of it, Cowriteron Notepad will include a credit system. This means that users will only be able to run a limited number of functions with Cowriter. Once the credits have expired, we are still unsure whether the user will need to purchase a subscription, sign in using their Microsoft account, or wait while the credits are replenished after a certain time.


Microsoft is gradually incorporating new AI features in different apps and components of Windows. I believe that eventually, these new AI integrations will make up Windows 12 with a more refined AI experience.

At the moment, since there is no official announcement from Microsoft about Cowriter for Notepad, we are still uncertain when this new feature can be expected to hit the stable Windows channel.

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  • Usman Khurshid
    Usman Khurshid

    Good writeup but Microsoft should not select a name that is being used by other text editors for the same purpose. Be unique bro 🤣

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