How To Delete Auto-Fill Entries In Google Chrome

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Auto-fill is a feature of Google Chrome that automatically fills your information in some dialogue boxes. For example, if you use your email ID or password to log into a site and save that information, the next time you want to log in to that site it gives you the option of just clicking on the auto-fill recommendation that shows up and it fills your email ID and password automatically without you having to manually enter it. It is also helpful when filling out certain forms.

But sometimes you have changed the information and haven’t updated or saved in your browser and these wrong auto-fills show up or what if a friend of yours used your laptop and now the auto-fill shows his information. In this case, you can simply delete the auto-fills in your Chrome browser. Following are the steps that will help you through this process:

Delete all auto-fill entries from Google Chrome

Follow the instructions below to delete auto-fill entries in Google Chrome.

  • Open web browser and go to Chrome settings (the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser)
  • Go to more tools –> Clear Browsing History
  • It will open a dialogue box. Go to advanced options, select the time span i.e. is since when you want to clear the auto-fill data (select all time to clear all the data since you started using Chrome)
    How To Delete Auto-Fill Entries In Google Chrome 1
  • Now click the checkbox of auto-fill and click on clear data. All of our data of auto-fill will be cleared.
    How To Delete Auto-Fill Entries In Google Chrome 2

Delete specific autofill entries in Google Chrome

In order to delete only some selective auto-fills from google Chrome follow the following method:

  • Go to Chrome settings (the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser)
    How To Delete Auto-Fill Entries In Google Chrome 3
  • Now if you want to delete a specific password go to passwords and in all of your passwords delete the one you want to by right clicking on the three dots and selecting delete option.
    How To Delete Auto-Fill Entries In Google Chrome 4
  • In case of an address or payment methods in your forms you can select the option of address and edit and same with the payment methods information. (These settings are made individual in the latest versions of Chrome, before they were in password and forms settings)

Keyboard shortcut to delete auto-fill entries in Chrome

Another short method of deleting specific passwords can be by using a keyboard shortcut which is given below:

  • click in the “Username” field/input box and press the down arrow (this will bring up a list of remembered “username” auto-fill entries
  • Use the down arrow key to highlight the username (auto-fill entry) you want to delete
  • Press shift + delete key, or shift+alt+backspace if you have a Chromebook

There you go. This is a simple method of managing your auto-fills.

You need to do this removal of saved entries with care as there is no way to revert to changes once the data is removed. It is always advisable to have a backup before any changes are made to your computer.  Please note that System Restore will not revert to this auto-fill entry data. You will need proper backup software to backup your Google Chrome profile completely. What is your favorite method of getting rid of wrong and abandoned auto-fill entries in Chrome?

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  • Jeffrey Lebowski Jr.
    Jeffrey Lebowski Jr.

    Try this, it worked for me:

    Deleting unwanted entries individually

    1) Open the Chrome browser.
    2) Click inside the form field containing the entry you want to delete.
    3) Begin typing the autocomplete you want to remove, once it shows up, press the Down Arrow key until the entry is highlighted.
    4) Press the Delete key. If the entry is not removed, press Shift+Delete.

  • Philip Peake
    Philip Peake

    None of this works with 83.0.4103.44

    The settings menu only allows changing addresses (even though it says (and more).

    Selecting the bad entry in the list and using shift-delete doesn’t work.

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