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Adobe Flash Player 16 has been released and is available for free download and testing. This release has been codenamed Natoma. The new Flash Player 16 includes enhancements and bug fixes related to performance, security, stability and device compatibility.

Update: Flash Player 20 has been released. Please download the latest Flash Player 20 here.

After Adobe applied the rapid release model to Flash Player, the new updates of Flash Player are automatically downloaded and installed with background updates. But this is not the case with beta updates. If you have already installed Flash Player in your computer, most probably it will auto-update to the latest stable version. But this background updates feature requires the user to subscribe to the updates and is not enabled by default.

Flash Player 16

While there are a few updates to the player in version 16, it does not seem to be a major release from a users’ perspective like Flash Player 15. Since Adobe releases AIR and Flash together, the release notes list down the changes and enhancements of both the products. The major changes include the following:

Addition of VideoTexture

A new ActionScript feature has been added which allows the hardware accelerated video to be used as a source texture in a Stage3D environment. Flash Player versions up to 15 requires the use of video objects using video with Stage3D which is not accelerated. This new feature is called VideoTexture and it allows direct access to the texture object which is sourced from a Netstream or Camera object.

Efficient 3D content with Wireframe

Wireframe support has been added to AIR desktop for creating robust and efficient 3D content. This option is especially useful for the Flash developers.

Availibility of PPAPI installers

Another major enhancement in Flash Player 16 build is that PPAPI installers for standard version of Flash Player are now available online for download. PPAPI, Pepper Plugin API, is the way of using Flash Player in a customized manner like Windows 8 and Google Chrome include a custom build of Flash Player. Now we can expect to see Flash Player being bundled and pre-installed with other applications.

You can read complete release notes of this release in the Flash Player 16 and Adobe AIR 16 release notes PDF document.

Download Links

The following downloads are offline installers direct download links to Flash Player 16 setup. At the time of this writing, the version 16 build is in beta but these links will be updated and will let you download the latest installers at any time.

Download Flash Player 16 for Internet Explorer Windows EXE installer

Download Flash Player 16 for Other Browsers (Windows EXE installer)

Download Flash Player 16 for Other Browsers (Mac OS X DMG installer)

Download Flash Player 16 stand alone installer for Windows 32-bit

Download Flash Player 16 stand alone installer for Mac 32-bit

The direct download links have been removed on Adobe’s request. If you are on the same system on which you want to install Flash Player, you may directly click on the following link to get the latest Flash Player installer.

And if you want to download and install it for another system, you may go to the following page:

Please note that these installers are not compatible with Windows 8. If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 user, you will have a custom build of Flash Player which will be updated with Windows Update.

Uninstalling Flash Player 16

If you are not happy with Flash Player 16, you can also uninstall it easily using the following steps:

  1. Download Flash Player beta uninstaller
  2. Run the uninstaller and follow the prompts to uninstall Flash Player 16 beta completely.

Update: Flash Player 20 has been released. Please download the latest Flash Player 20 here.

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