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Tools to remove Antivirus software completelyTools to remove Antivirus software completely

Antivirus software are a blessing for those whose computers get frequent malware and want to keep their systems safe. However, while uninstalling an antivirus program, one caveat that users often encounter is the pending files and components which are not automatically removed from your system.

While uninstalling an antivirus tool from your computer, all of the files are not usually removed. The Control Panel can not be much more efficient to delete those residual files left by the antivirus program.

In case you are going to install another antivirus tool, any pending files from the previous tool can cause a hindrance in the installation of a new one. Eventually, this causes poor system performance. Due to this, many of the antivirus publishers also publish tools specific to their product which aids in the complete removal of the antivirus software.

This article discusses several different tools which you can use to uninstall an antivirus software completely.

Why Use Third-Party Antivirus Uninstallers

As we already mentioned, the conventional Windows uninstaller often leaves behind traces of the installed software. Therefore, you can opt to use specialized removal tools in case of any of the following:

  • To install a new antivirus, but in order to avoid possible conflicts, you want to remove the old software as thoroughly as possible.
  • The regular uninstall failed, and you are left with a broken system.
  • The regular uninstall was completed, but left residual files and folders which you cannot delete manually.
  • Your computer is having problems because it has two or more antivirus programs installed and active, and you are unable to completely remove them.

If you are encountering any of these problems, continue reading this post to learn which antivirus removal tool best suits your needs.

Antivirus Removal Tools

ESET AV Removal Tool

Download ESET AV Removal Tool x64

Download ESET AV Removal Tool x86

ESET AV Removal Tool

ESET AV Removal tool will remove almost any antivirus software from your computer if installed. The tool scans your PC for the installed programs and automatically picks up any security or antivirus software. Once detected, you can uninstall them using the ESET AV Removal tool in a few clicks.

The tool makes sure that there is no trace left of the software on your computer so you can then proceed with a fresh install of another antivirus software if opting to do so.

ESET AV Removal tool is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit architecture. You can choose to download the right one for your operating system using one of the given links above.

Antivirus Removal Tool

Download Antivirus Removal Tool

Antivirus Removal Tool
Antivirus Removal Tool

Antivirus Removal Tool is a universal, portable, and free antivirus removing software that uninstalls a software while removing all associated files and folders. The tool offers a bunch of official uninstallers published by different antivirus manufacturers, and you can choose which uninstaller to use to remove the software.

The tool supports multiple languages and is updated frequently to match the growing antivirus software requirements to remove them. Using the Antivirus Removal tool, you can scan your PC and it will fetch the currently installed security and antivirus software, which you can then select and uninstall completely using one of the pre-installed removal tools from the given list.


Download Comodo Uninstaller x64

Download Comodo Uninstaller x86

Note: If the download links do not work for you, copy these links and run them in a separate browser window/tab.

Comodo Uninstaller Tool
Comodo Uninstaller Tool

Comodo Uninstaller Tool is available in 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, to suit your operating system. The tool scans your PC for any installed Comodo products and then guides you to delete them from your computer.

This tool helps eliminate any files and folders that may be associated with the Comodo Antivirus software. Furthermore, before you begin the uninstallation process, the tool can also create a restore point to which you can revert to later in case something goes wrong.

Kaspersky Remover

Download Kaspersky Remover

Kaspersky Remover

Kaspersky remover is a tiny and portable tool that can be used to delete any Kaspersky product from your computer. However, it does not scan your computer to detect any installed products from the manufacturer. Rather, you need to select a product to delete from the given list within the tool, regardless of whether it is installed or not.


Download AppRemover Tool

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 1
AppRemover Tool

AppRemover is a great tool to permanently remove and delete antivirus products and improve your system’s performance.

It is a small, portable tool as you run its installer, the AppRemover window will open that asks you to start removing the unwanted applications and tools. It will automatically detect all of your installed applications during its scan. The AppRemover will then delete any detected antivirus application on your system, on your command.

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 2
Delete selection using AppRemover

It’s good to have the AppRemover tool on your machine to get rid of all unwanted antivirus products. If this tool can’t provide you with its best, you can choose any other tool from the below list.

AVG Remover

Download AVG Remover

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 3
AVG Remover

The AVG Remover tool removes all AVG products from your computer. AVG Remover is a portable tool that helps you to scan your computer to find any installed AVG products. If it finds a product, the AVG Remover tool then asks you to remove it from your machine.

The tool is simple to use with its convenient User Interface (UI).

Avira Remover

Note: We believe that this product has been discontinued.

Download Avira Remover

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 4
Avira RegistryCleaner

The Avira Remover tool is used to remove all Avira products from your PC for good. This tool performs thorough searches through Windows Registry and finds any Keys or Values left behind by the software.

After finding any associated Keys or Values from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_LOCAL_USER, it will then ask the user to select the products for which you want to remove all entries in the Windows Registry.

After deleting them, the tool will provide you with a list of all the elements which have been removed.

Avast Remover Tool

Download Avast Remover Tool

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 5
Avast Remover Tool

The Avast Remover tool helps its users to scan all the Avast products from their System and tries to delete them permanently. After the installation completes, the Avast Remover tool asks you to start your system in Safe mode. Next, the tool will ask you the location of the program installed. If you are not sure, then the Avast Remover tool will scan your system and look for any Avast products by itself.

Bitdefender Removal Tool

Download Bitdefender Removal tool from here

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 6
Bitdefender Removal Tool

The Bitdefender tool removes all the products of Bitdefender installed on your computer. However, it does not use the same tool for each program. The tool offers different uninstallation tools for different Bitdefender products. You can select the one according to your requirements.

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 7

The Bitdefender Removal tool is both for professional and non-commercial use. You can use the trial version of the tool first and can then opt to purchase it if required.

Norton Remover Tool

Download Norton Remover Tool

Download Antivirus Removal Tools For All Antivirus Products 8
Norton Remover Tool

The Norton Remover tool is a small, portable tool for your system to delete any traces of the Norton product line installed on your system. Once the uninstallation starts, it won’t stop until the uninstallation finishes, and the process cannot be canceled.

List of All Antivirus Removal Tools

We have discussed above the most commonly-used antivirus removal tools. However, there are many other tools available on the internet, out of which some are free to use whilst others are paid.

Closing Words

Using a tool to remove antivirus software is a wise choice, primarily because such software leaves a trace on your PC when removed using the conventional methods. Using the tools we have mentioned in this post, you should have no trouble installing new ones, if opting to do so.

Hopefully, the tools will provide you with complete assistance in deleting any leftover components of security tools on your machine. Let us know about your experience with these tools and which one you find best for your use.

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