Download AVG 2016 Offline Installers (Direct Download Links)


AVG has just released its 2016 line of products. We also gave AVG 2015 offline installers links. Now we will share AVG 2016 offline installers direct download links. The biggest benefit of offline installers is that you can install them without connecting to the Internet. And the drawback of these installers is that they may become outdated while AVG may release new installers with time.

One interesting fact that I noticed in the new AVG products is that the new product names have been changed when it comes to multi-device protection. For example, AVG Antivirus Free has been renamed to AVG Protection Free, AVG Antivirus Pro has been renamed to AVG Protection Pro and AVG Internet Security has been renamed to AVG Ultimate.

AVG Protection Free 2016

Let’s go through some of the features of AVG 2016 products and then we will mention the download links to the offline installers.

AVG Protection Free 2016

AVG Protection Free 2016 includes an improved antivirus engine which blocks viruses, spyware and other malware. You can also make use of AVG Zen which can be used to control all your devices from one dashboard. Remote Protection enables the users to scan and remove viruses from mobile devices. Link protection scans the web, twitter and Facebook links. Email protection warns you of malicious attachments.

Download AVG Protection Free 2016 32-bit installer

Download AVG Protection Free 2016 64-bit installer

AVG Protection Pro 2016

AVG Protection Pro 2016 comes with all the features of AVG Protection Free plus a few new features of its own. The new features include Online Shield which protects the user from harmful downloads, Data Safe encrypts and password protects private files, an enhanced firewall to keep away from hackers and priority updates get pushed to your system in real-time.

Download AVG Protection Pro 2016 32-bit installer

Download AVG Protection Pro 2016 64-bit installer

AVG Ultimate 2016

AVG Ultimate 2016 provides everything AVG has to offer in its security suites. It comes with security as well as performance tools. In addition to all AVG Protection Pro features, it includes the following:

1-Click Maintenance – Remove junk from your system in one click

Automatic Maintenance – Automatically performs routine maintenance tasks

Drive Defrag – Speeds up access to your hard drive data

Automatic Cleaning Updates – Automatically updates for optimal cleaning

Remote PC Cleaning – Clean up your system using your mobile as a remote controller

Startup Manager – Helps you cure slow startup issues

Economy Mode – Saves and enhances battery life

Disk Cleaner – Deletes junk data to free up disk space

Live Optimization – Prioritizes tasks for optimum performance

Program Deactivator – Stops unused programs from draining power

Duplicate Finder – Remove duplicate files for even more space

Download AVG Ultimate 2016 32-bit installer

Download AVG Ultimate 2016 64-bit installer

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  1. The Ultimate-installer is not working for me as it tries to connect to the internet. As the computer is not connected it says “errorcode 0xE0010058 access denied”

  2. thank you very much my boss had found avg internet security, internet security 2017 2016 avg can not be in the stables without devoloper, thanks a lot for his edit avg internet security

  3. Re AVG Antivirus Free
    The AVG website no longer provides links for the full (offline) installer – as from Sept 2016
    However the AVG AntiVirus (Pro/Paid) Trial version still offers a full (offline) installer

    If you unpack and compare the two full installers (Free vs Trial for same release version)
    – you find that the installers are identical except for one file “product.cfg”
    – which contains Product ID, description and licence code for Trial vs Free

    The Trial version can be downgraded to Free once installed (via the Uninstall Option)
    – or more simply just enter the generic AVG Free licence code once Trial is installed
    – click the Support link on main page then use the “Reactivate” button
    – paste in the Free licence code 4U4AP-Z24UV-BTWWP-QW93F-4NWRE-KMEUE
    Program converts immediately to AVG AntiVirus Free with no side effects.

  4. 2015 is still supported. Continue to use AVG 2015, since in AVG 2016, you can’t disable sending anonymous usage info to AVG, unless you buy the pro version. In AVG 2015, you can still disable sending all information to AVG, in 2016, you CAN’T.

  5. What about virus definition updates? are there options for offline virus definition updates? Thanks for the links, super helpful.

  6. shahid sharif on

    Thanks for developing such a good offline free application. I am installing it, but don’t know whether it will work or not….! Shahid Sharif Pakistan (Azad Kashmir)

  7. Robelaine Charm Arriola on

    Thanks for these offline installers. Slow internet in india means i can’t doownload the 2mb online installer as there are chances it will get disconnected when it downloads. Better this standalone installer. Thanks so much!

  8. thanks for posting the links to the standalone installers – I regard these as essential as I insist on installing both the OS and the anti-virus BEFORE connecting to the web.
    Interestingly, the AVG site makes the standalone installers hard to find, not even Bing nor Google list them on the first page of search results, yet your pages are there.
    Nice one, and you have my heartfelt thanks 🙂

    • iTechtics Staff on

      Thanks for the compliments Patral. We share the offline installer links on this site for the exact same purpose. While web installers are good for most users, offline installers need to be made publicly available for advanced users.

  9. After uninstalled AVG Internet Security and installed it again. AVG showed “failed”. I tried several times but the results are the same. Can I installed Internet Security again or there are conflicts with Windows Registry? If yes, how can I remove keys from Windows Registry?

    • iTechtics Staff on

      If you want to install the trial of AVG Internet Security again, it won’t be possible until you install Windows again. After the trial period, it’s mandatory to buy a license.

    • Swee† Pea on

      Perhaps, you can try using REVO uninstaller to uninstall it or search for junk files left after uninstalling…

    • iTechtics Staff on

      Yes our download links come directly from AVG website. These are not hosted on our servers. And only one antivirus can be active at a time. So AVG turned off Windows Defender when you installed it. AVG’s protection is better than the default Windows Defender.

    • When you download it, just before saving the file, you can see that it comes directly from AVG’s site if you look at where it is saving from in the SAVE DIALOGUE…

  10. I already have several AVG products nut for 2016 I wsant the combination virus and internet production all in one program.

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