Google Chrome 65 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems


Google Chrome 65 stable is available for download and installation. You will find Chrome 65 offline installer links for all Operating Systems including Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS in this article.

Chrome 65 update includes 45 bug fixes of which 8 are critical vulnerabilities. You can check all the fixed vulnerabilities here. Apart from bug fixes, there are not a lot of features included in this release. Let’s go through the features and then the download links.

Download Google Chrome 65 after install

Download and install Google Chrome 65

What’s new in Chrome 65

Most of the Chrome 65 features and enhancements are geared towards developers. For example CSS Paint API allows developers to programmatically generate an image when CSS property expects one. Another API introduced in this version of Chrome is Server Timing API. Server Timing API allows web servers to pass performance timing information via HTTP headers to browsers. This will help developers with a clearer picture of the exact performance at both ends including client and server.

Server Timing API in Chrome 65

Server Timing API in Chrome 65

Some other enhancements which I was anticipating in Chrome 65 but haven’t been able to verify yet are the following:

Favicons in Omnibox suggestions

Chrome 65 would show favicon of the website when we start typing a website name in the address-bar. This would be a great in identifying websites and opening them using visual clues.

Material design extensions page

For me, it’s hard to get access to the extensions page. Google would make it easy for us to get access to the extensions page. The extensions manager page is receiving an updated look and will be accessible by writing “Manage Extensions” directly in the address-bar.

I have upgraded to Chrome 65 and am unable to see the above mentioned features in my browser. If you are able to find these, please let me know in the comments below.

Upgrade to Chrome 65 using Chrome Update

If you are already using Chrome, you can easily upgrade your browser via Chrome update. You have to go to three dots menu on the top-right corner of the Chrome’s window and go to Help, and the About Chrome.

Updating Chrome

Updating Chrome

If a new version is available, it will start updating your browser.

Up to Date with Chrome 65 offline installer

Up to Date with Chrome 65 offline installer

When the installation completes, your browser will ask you to relaunch it. On relaunching, it will show you that you are having latest and updated version of Chrome.

Chrome 65 Offline Installer Direct Download Links

Download Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146 for Windows 32-bit [46.2 MB]

Download Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146 for Windows 64-bit [46.6 MB]

If you are an enterprise user and want to update Chrome across your organization and implement group policies, you may download the enterprise version from below links:

Download Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146 Enterprise for Windows 32-bit [MSI] [48.1 MB]

Download Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146 Enterprise for Windows 64-bit [MSI] [48.5 MB]

Download Google Chrome 65 for Mac OS

Download Google Chrome 65 for Linux

Download Google Chrome 65 for Android

Download Google Chrome 65 for iOS

Download Google Chrome 65 Portable

Removing/Uninstalling Google Chrome

If you encounter any issue with the latest version of Chrome or if you have installed the beta version of Chrome, you may want to uninstall it completely from your system using Chrome Removal tool.

Download Google Chrome Removal Tool

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  1. Some of the change in Chrome 65 in easy language:
    Add chrome://flags#enable-webauthentication to enable support for PublicKeyCredentials in
    Add chrome://flags/#ignore-previews-blacklist to “ignore decisions made by the PreviewsBlackList.
    Add chrome://flags/#show-autofill-type-predictions to show autofill predictions.
    Add chrome://flags/#enable-downloads-location-change to change the downloads location on Android.
    Disable fullscreen for mixed content pages on iOS.
    Removed compact translate UI flag.
    The Network Panel displays previews for all HTML responses (again)

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