Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers for all Operating Systems


Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser crowded with many features and functionality. If it comes to privacy, security and safer browsing, Firefox comes at number one. The browser can fight against viruses, malware, and threats so you won’t face any trouble while browsing.

Update: Download Firefox 56 Offline installers

Firefox 53 has been released and is available for download and installation. Many bugs are fixed and new securities are added to provide safer browsing to its users.

Let’s walk through its new features and have Offline Installers for Firefox to have an offline installation of Firefox browser.

What’s New

Review its main feature and the new features which are added in Firefox 53.

  • Quantum Compositor is the main addition in this release, it will run on GPU not CPU, that means it is faster. And will open in a separate process and not the main process of Firefox. It will show your screen’s layers all in one image as like Photoshop.
  • So by the addition of Quantum Compositor, the graphics stability is much improved than previous.
  • Dark and light, 2 new themes are available for Firefox.
  • If you are using Firefox in reader mode, it will display the reading time for a page. That’s how much long you are spending a time on the same page.
  • Now users of Windows XP and Vista cannot use Firefox 53. Their support has ended.
  • Windows 7 users with 64-bit, can select the 32-bit and 64-bit Firefox.
  • More security is added for sites, Firefox will ask your permission whether you want to use your camera or GPS for any particular web page.
  • Security vulnerabilities are fixed in Firefox 53.
  • Support for MAC 32 has been ended. They can use the Firefox ESR 52.
  • The design of“Site permission request” has been updated and gives a better understanding and easy to use.
  • New design for Visual and Audio controls have been added.

Check the current version of Firefox

You can check your Firefox’s current version by going to Help, then About Firefox. A pop-up window will appear that shows you information of your browser. If any new update is present, click on Check for updates,

The Update will download manually within the browser.

When an update is installed, restart your browser and check its version again by going to Help. Now you will see that pop-up window says, “Firefox is up to date”.

But if you do not want to download it through the browser, you can download standalone installer, and install the browser by yourself,

Installation steps

  • Download the Offline Installer from below link.
  • After downloading, open the installer to start installing the browser. It will extract the components first.
  • Then ask you to select the Type of your setup.
  • Choose the installation location for Firefox.
  • Then the installation will begin and takes 4-5 seconds to complete.
  • Click on finish and Firefox browser will launch as you exit the installer.

  • Go to Help/About Firefox, a pop-up window will show you the current updated version of your Firefox browser.

Offline Installer Link for Firefox 53

Download Firefox 53 for Windows 32-bit

Download Firefox 53 for Windows 64-bit

Download Firefox 53 for Mac OS

Download Firefox 53 for Linux

Download Firefox 53 for Linux 64-bit

Update your Firefox browser today, and enjoy more features and secure browsing than before due to the enrichment of new features and compatibilities which are added in Firefox 53. Thank you

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