Download Google Chrome 57 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems

Google Chrome latest version v57 has been released by its developers on March 09, 2017 and which is now available for users to download. The new version is more advanced and developed by using latest algorithms and techniques to provide the best browsing experience to its users. Many errors and bugs are fixed in this release.

Download Google Chrome 61 Offline Installers

(You may also be interested in downloading Google Chrome beta, dev and canary versions)

What’s new

  • The search time has more reduced. And you can have your required web page in lesser time than before.
  • You can do personal privacy surfing by switching to New Incognito window.
  • It uses strong Javascript engine and the WebKit motor to provide you high-speed browsing.
  • Like before, its interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It has its own sandbox, which prevents any malware and threats to enter into your System from any web page. And this lets you to troll the websites safely and privately.

Installation Steps

  • Download the offline Installer from below link for your Operating System.
  • After installation, run the Installer to start the installation of Chrome on your System. It will take 2-3 seconds to install.
  • As the installation completes, the Google Chrome will open on your System.
  • Do enjoy the best browsing and downloading with the latest update of Google Chrome Browser.

How to Check the Version

After downloading and installing the Google Chrome, you can easily check that you have successfully installed the latest version of it. Go to the vertical dots menu and then select the “Help” and then “About Google Chrome”.

Now it will show you the information about your browser version. And also gives you a message that your browser is updated. And will also inform you of any new update is available.

Offline Installer links

For Windows (64 bit)

For Windows (32 bit)

For Mac

For Linux (Debian)

For Linux (rpm)

Find the Offline Installer link for your Operating System and download it. And then complete your installation without Internet availability. Thank you.

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