Download Google Chrome 70 for All Operating Systems

Google Chrome 70 stable has been released recently with new version number  70.0.3538.67 which contains new features for Chrome users. Chrome has taken carefully the considerations and privacy concerns of users in the last release and have fixated the issue in this latest one. Beside the fact, Google Chrome is a fast paced browser which has many add-ons and applications on Google Chrome Store which can give you an amazing browsing experience and can solve many problems which you have to solve manually otherwise.

The Google Chrome 70 release date is 16th October 2018 and it will be supported until 4th December 2018. After that, Chrome 71 will be released by Google.

Chrome saves you from dangerous websites and downloads by giving you a warning and assigned a status of “not secure” for HTTP websites however you can still do browsing . Only the HTTPS websites which contain a valid security SSL certificate are considered secure. Google Chrome 70 resolvse your privacy issue, equips you with web Bluetooth and provides some progressive web apps.

Please note that if you are a website owner and you are running an old Symantec SSL certificate on your site, Chrome will not accept Symantec certificates. The solution to this is either change the certificate to another trusted authority or keep using the site ignoring the warning signs.

Whether you are a developer, blogger, sport enthusiast, photographer or online shopper, Chrome has helpful and interesting apps and extensions for you. If you want to access the Chrome web store, go to the More tools options and then select Extensions.

This screen will appear. You will have different extensions according to your installed ones. Click on extension on the top left corner.

Then further click Open the Chrome Web Store option that will appear on the bottom left corner your screen. You will have to sign up if you are not previously signed in to access web store apps. There will be customize apps for bloggers, developers, photographers , online shopping and much more. You can access them according to your choice.

Google Chrome 70 features

Let’s go through some of the latest features added to Chrome 70.

Web Bluetooth

Web Bluetooth API can now be accessed on Windows 10 too which was previously accessible to Android, ChromeOS, and macOS. You can communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices which you select. One important thing to note is that only connect with websites which you trust otherwise the site may get access to all the information on your device and use it to manipulate the data .

Pair the site with your device

You can connect your Bluetooth devices as well as USB devices with the sites using Chrome. For bluetooth turn on the bluetooth of you device and make it discoverable . For USB connect your USB cable.Open the website that can connect with bluetooth in Chrome. Click on the page . You will be instructed to add a device. Select device from list of available devices and select Pair or Connect.

If you want to remove a website to further access your device click on the right of the address bar, press Reload . In order to remove a website to  access your USB devices, press the green color lock icon and click on remove next to your USB device.

Public Key Credentials

To enhance the security of Chrome browser, Public key credentials has been introduced for the developers. This provides you additional security measures like finger print scanning using macOS’ TouchID and Android’s fingerprint sensor. This Web authentication API is now available for developers.

Progressive Web Apps on Windows

This feature is mainly for developers who develop web apps. Without creating a separate interface and developing separate desktop app, Progressive web apps give the service of its own window without address bar or tabs, and it allow the app to be launched from your start menu. When you visit a website which has PWA feature, like Twitter, you can now install it to work like a desktop app.

It also provides you the facility of AV1 decoder, which is a free codec for better  video streaming. Mac and Linux support for progressive web apps will be available in Chrome 72.

Fixed issues in Chrome 70

Controvertial logins

In Google Chrome 69, logging into Google account automatically linked it to your Chrome browser. Chrome 70 resolves this issue as it does not prompt the browser to use your account. This option is not entirely switched off by default but you can change the settings in the privacy and security option.

The new feature introduced in the user interface of Google Chrome is that it will show the option of syncing or not syncing above your account name. Thus you will know whether your data has been synced on other devices or sent to the Chrome servers or not. If you are just logged in you will know by Chrome 70 markers.

How to check the current version of Google Chrome?

If you want to check which version of the browser is installed on your device , Go to Help –> About Google Chrome

Your installed Google Chrome version will be displayed.

How to update google chrome to latest version?

Usually , Chrome automatically updates the browser but if you want it to update it yourself then Go to Help->About Google Chrome. If your browser contains previous version it will start updating the browser. Relaunch the web browser to implement the changes

Google Chrome 70 Offline Installers

If you want to do a fresh installation of Chrome and keep the installer in your software repository, here are the direct download links to its complete offline installers:

Download web installer: Google Chrome Web 32-bit | Google Chrome Web 64-bit

DownloadGoogle Chrome 70 Offline Installer 32-bit [49.84 MB]

DownloadGoogle Chrome 70 Offline Installer 64-bit [50.4 MB]

DownloadGoogle Chrome 70 Enterprise Offline Installer 32-bit [51.77 MB]

DownloadGoogle Chrome 70 Enterprise Offline Installer 64-bit [52.33 MB]

DownloadGoogle Chrome Offline Installer for MacOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

DownloadGoogle Chrome for Android

DownloadGoogle Chrome for iOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Portable

You can also download latest Chrome version from here. This includes Chrome latest version download links to all editions including stable, beta, dev and canary and all Operating System.

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