Download Google Earth Latest Version (Google’s download link)

If you want to visit any place of your choice, now you can go there with the help of Google Earth. Sitting at home and view anyplace from your home, is a very interesting thing. Google Earth provides you satellite view and images of the places you entered in the search box to visit.

You can explore new places on your planet with Google Earth. Install Offline Installer for Google Earth from the below link and enjoy the installation of the app without internet connectivity. You can use the standalone installer at more than one device for installation of Google Earth without network availability.

Google Earth Feature Review

Here is the feature review of Google Earth, which I am listing for you so that you may know about its cool and exciting features.

  • Google Earth gives you tour guides of some specific places in the app.
  • Type any location in the Search box that you want to visit and the App will give you an image of that place.
  • Turn your image into a real map by adding some layers from the layers available in the bottom right of the app.
    Google Earth offline installer
  • You can explore the growth of the population of the specific area through its Historical Imagery feature which is available in the View tab.
  • In the View tab, you can have another feature named Sun, which helps you to know about the sunrise and sunset of that particular area. In the bar, time and date are appearing for better clarification.
  • Google Earth allows you to share any snap or picture of the place which you are visiting through it, to any of your friends via email.
  • Not only earth, but you can also explore the sky, moon, and mars with Google Earth.
  • You can put Placemark in your favorite place on the map, and give a title to that Placemark of your choice.

Installation steps

  • Download Offline Installer for Google Earth from the below link
  • After downloading, its installer will run to install Google Earth on your System.
  • Choose the options before installation. And after selecting, click on “Install” button.
  • It will start installing and will take 2-3 seconds to complete.
  • When the installation will complete, you are prompted to the window that gives you confirmation that Google Earth is successfully installed on your System. Press OK to launch it.
  • The main window of Google earth will look like this. You can enter any location to view it through Google Earth.

Download Google Earth

Download Google Earth Pro latest version from here

Download Google Earth from Offline Installer link and start exploring and visiting places around the globe, via your PC. I hope it will be a great and different experience for you.

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