Internet Explorer Direct Download Links (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11)

In this article, you will find direct download links to the offline installers of almost all Internet Explorer versions from 6 to 11 along with their service packs and language packs where applicable. Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s Internet browser which has improved constantly over the years but the improvements have been quite slow compared to other competing browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. One sign of this is that recently Chrome surpassed the popularity of IE in the US for the first time in history.

Note: Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer in favor of Microsoft Edge. If you are running apps that still require Internet Explorer, we have shared different alternatives that can be used to run Internet Explorer apps.

Direct download links to IE6:

Internet Explorer 6 has been discontinued by Microsoft. If you want to test your apps on IE6, you can use services like browserstack for testing.

Direct download links to IE7:

Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP / Windows Server 2003

Direct download links to IE8:

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003

Direct download links to IE9:

Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Direct download links to IE10:

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Direct download links to IE11:

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

If I have missed anything, please share it in the comments below.

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  • ankur

    Microsoft IE 7 through IE 11,
    Firefox 14 through 58

  • makbul

    i need ie 8 for windows 7 64bit

  • Dan

    the ie10 for windows 7 64 bit download isn’t working

  • Windoze man
    Windoze man

    A good place for all my winblows resources.

  • Garry

    Many of your links are broken. What an amateur operation. Please weed out the bad ones as we do not have time to waste. :-(

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton

    I like this site. Saves messing with microsoft’s “mind-reading” website that never offers what you want. Even if its wrong and you just want to try it.

  • Ciaran

    Great, the author couldn’t have hosted the files locally so when MS removed the links he’d still have them?

  • Ken Zoellner
    Ken Zoellner

    When I click the link for IE10 off line installer, I’m getting a “file not found” message from the web site. What is the correct link?


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  • LIoN

    File not found!!!!!! IE 10 32-bit?

  • Avijit Laha
    Avijit Laha

    need IE 10 without Service pack link

  • Chow chee wai
    Chow chee wai

    Bank payment difficulties

  • Ravindaran A/L Ramaru
    Ravindaran A/L Ramaru

    Pls reduce my monthly payment for my credit card & personal loan. I am suffering paying monthly & pls reduce my monthly payment.

  • Chris

    IE8 for Windows XP download. Will this work for a 32 bit machine?

  • Srivatsan

    Hey Thanks for the ie download , it was really helpful
    God bless u

  • Pinco Pallo
    Pinco Pallo

    IE10 for Windows Server 2008 64-bit
    File not found!!!!!

  • Jens

    IE11 installed offline on Windows 7 / SP1 / 64 bits: download time a few seconds only, installation time about 2 minutes. PC has to be disconnected from Internet during installation. IE11 is working good, it’s very fast.
    Thank you, “”, great stuff.

  • Mohamed Salim B Shah Mohd
    Mohamed Salim B Shah Mohd

    Memaklumkan menukar no talipon bimbit dari 0195112213 kepada 01126103121
    Terima kasih

  • Aditya

    IE 10 starts downloading updates as soon as you run the setup. And that takes more time than downloading the installer itself.

    • Jens

      disconnect PC from Internet during Installation. Make sure your Windows software is fully updated before you install IE10. And the Cache of your former IE Version should be cleaned. That helps.

  • Aditya

    IE 10 starts downloading updates as soon as you run the setup. And that takes more time than downloading the installer.

  • dinesh kumar
    dinesh kumar

    ie 10 for windows 8.1

  • mt172

    Internet explorer 11 is not “100%” offline, windows 7 sp1 demands updates for install it.

    • Usman Khurshid
      Usman Khurshid

      Although it scans for updates but if you are not connected to the Internet, IE11 will install without any problems.

      • AC

        Not able to complete this installation without internet connection at all. I just get error message that I need the updates and the installer quits. So it is not working as an offline installer. (System: Windows server 2008)

      • No Name
        No Name

        That is simply wrong.

  • virendra

    Thanks sir This is as like HUB of IE

  • Ruud Nuijten
    Ruud Nuijten

    Very good and fast service.Pleasant people to help you

  • Dharmesh

    Save My Life …….

  • prashant

    nice job done..

  • JOJI Achangadon
    JOJI Achangadon

    Dudes! you rock!!…..

  • samirsha

    thanks for e.explorer

  • maddy

    HEy is that possible to install IE 9 in windows10 ?
    Can any1 help me ?

  • ShaRon Kelly
    ShaRon Kelly

    Check out yout page for the links to get windows 7 Internet explorer 10 from microsoft ….link bad …MS has removed the page for IE10. Also I beleive that windows 7 version for the service pack 1 32-bit has also been removed from their website too. I check on 9-27-2015 and could not get either of these from your site nor Microsoft site too.

  • Mike

    Hello, does anyone know if there`s a way to install ie11 on winxp 32bits?



  • Christophe

    Thanks… you saved me a lot of time with this page!!!!


  • Avron

    Great thanks, but may I suggest that you put a link to the MS patches required to run IE10 and IE 11 on certain machines?
    Windows6.1-KB2533623 for IE 10
    Windows6.1-KB2670838 for IE 10
    Windows6.1-KB2729094 for IE 10
    Windows6.1-KB2731771 for IE 10
    Windows6.1-KB2786081 for IE 10
    Windows6.1-KB2834140-v2 plus all above for IE 11

  • bq

    The offline installer requires download updates? Where can I find the genuine Internet Explorer 9/10 offline installer?

  • Hexagod

    Hell yeah thanks!!!


    IE8 WINDOW XP 32,IE8 WINDOW XP 64,可有?

  • Ali

    On what universe these are the “Offline” Installers ???????????????????????????

    • nitesh kumar singh
      nitesh kumar singh

      hello sir i hv using windows 8 and i required IE 6 & 7 . it is possible to use IE 6 or 7 in windows 8.
      if it is pls give me direction to instal.

    • Usman Khurshid
      Usman Khurshid

      These are full installers of Internet Explorer. You don’t need to have Internet connection in order to install them.

      • desiree


      • Ali

        Cheers thanks .. Yeah i installed the IE8 on Windows 2003 server , it tried to connect to the internet but at the end managed to complete the installation without the internet connection. Thanks for your help.

  • Wasudeo Mhaisane
    Wasudeo Mhaisane

    I needed IE7 for windows 7 32 BIT but couldn’t install, Unfortunately the software I am using does not work 100% with any IE version as good its work with IE7, isit possible to remove IE8 and install IE7, if yes pls help………

  • sandeep nagar
    sandeep nagar

    धन्‍यवाद इससे मेरा काम आसान हो गया ऑन लाइन मे दिक्‍कत आ रही थी
    Thanks this does my job. Was having trouble.

  • Jeanette

    Thank you. Your made this much easier than Microsoft. I now have my offline installers.

  • Terry Curran
    Terry Curran

    Thanks. I needed IE9 for windows 7 and couldn’t get it from the MS website, every time I tried it offered me IE9 for Windows Vista, or IE11 for Windows 7. Unfortunately the software I am using does not work 100% with IE11, or IE10 so I wanted IE9.

  • Dave

    You’d think as MS partners we could simply download older versions…bahaha MS you suck.

  • waran

    can you add IE10 for windows 8.1

  • lester

    super f***ing great link

  • Eduardo

    Obrigado amigo, show!!!

    abraços From Brasil

  • Henry Zeisler
    Henry Zeisler

    Called Microsoft “Tech” as a partner to help me locate a “32-bit version of IE 10 for Windows 7 Pro,” and after 45 minutes I was told “It’s no longer supported, and therefore can not help me any further?” While on a “10 minute hold” I went to this site, downloaded 9,10, 11 in 32 and 64 bit mode! Thanks!!! You Rock!

    • Usman Khurshid
      Usman Khurshid

      That’s perfect :-). You can always count on us for being more productive in tech situations.

  • shailender kumar
    shailender kumar

    good link

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