Download KB4077528 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 February 2018

Microsoft has recently stepped up the frequency of updates that are released on a monthly basis. In February, this is the second cumulative update released for Windows 10 Version 1703. We have already talked about KB4077525 update for Windows 10 Version 1607 earlier.

KB4077528 is a non-security update which fixes some bugs and concentrates on tweaks and performance improvements. Let’s go through some of the improvements made in this update and then head to the direct download links.


  • The issue that was faced by users as the application was unable to read or edit attributes from other windows, if the application was using Get/SetWindowWordGet/SetWindowLong, or Get/SetWindowLongPtr has been addressed with this update.
  • With this update, people who were facing issues with the disappearance of their desktop tray icons when they launched Internet explorer. Some faced issues regarding their Start menu button becoming unresponsive, will find a relieve.
  • Users with conditional access were refused authentication of the Microsoft Outlook, this issue was resolved, opening up access to users.
  • The bug related to Device guard rule was also fixed. The rules were causing the system to stop responding.
  • The update addresses the issue where the users from Remote Authentication Dial-In service server were facing issue and were not getting permissions to connect to a wireless network.
  • Update caters to the issue where there was target redirection related to stop error 9f faced during login.
  • With this update the UEV gets auto register Inbox templates and the scheduled tasks no longer need a trigger, but are activated.
  • APP-v Clients were not able to read the SyncOnBatteriesEnabled, if the policy was designed with Group Policy Object.
  • The administrators get extra logging actions, and they can set configurations when they can choose from multiple configuration files.
  • For a few App-V package, the hive data was not properly maintained in the registry. The fix allowed proper data logging in the connection group.
  • The Enable App-V client policy is now visible to Group policy editor and is now Supported On the field for the client.

KB4077528 Direct Download links

Download KB4077525 update for Windows 10 Version 1607 64-bit [962 MB]

Download KB4077525 update for Windows 10 Version 1607 32-bit [542 MB]

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