Download KB4088776 Cumulative Update For Windows 10 Version 1709 March 2018


The cumulative update KB4088776 for Windows 10 Version 1709 March 2018 has been released by Microsoft last week. This takes the build number of Windows 10 to 16299.309. There are few important fixes that Microsoft has made in Windows 10 which we had discussed in earlier releases of KB4090913KB4074588KB4056892.

This update solves most of the problems faced by users using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer web browsers. Also the installation lockout with mandatory compatibility requirement with the installed antivirus solution for Windows 10 has also been removed by Microsoft. Now users do not have to go through the registry editing for antivirus compatibility. For reading more about the problem, you may go through the KB articles mentioned above.

Let’s go through the changes that have been made in KB4088776. There are no new features that have been added to Windows 10 in this update.

KB4088776 update improvements and fixes

The changes that have occurred and the issues that have been resolved are as follows:

  • Whenever Internet explorer was used along with any of the F12 based developer tools, it would either hang, or stop working altogether. This update addresses the issue and allows simultaneous use of F12 developer tools and the browser.
  • The update allows ease of printing of XML documents, through Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge.
  • After this update, the users can access the Internet Explorer without it hanging even when they are using a browser helper object.
  • You can upgrade the graphics drivers without facing issue with media applications which used to become unresponsive.
  • Many users used to face issue while gaming. The players faced problems related to ownership, where they were not allowed to continue the game due to the error message about not owning the content.
  • The compatibility issue that was faced by the Windows users has been addressed, now the users need to confirm about the compatibility of their antivirus with their AV provider, and this will help them address the issue of lack of compatibility in their antivirus.
  • The existing Windows applications and programs have been updated with respect to their security.

KB4088776 Download Links

Download KB4088776 update for Windows 10 Version 1709 64-bit [704 MB]

Download KB4088776 update for Windows 10 Version 1709 32-bit [386 MB]

Please note that you do not need any previous updates to be installed for installing this update. As this is a cumulative update, it will install the previous missing updates for you automatically. Just download it and apply it to your computer. Make sure your Windows version is Windows 10 Version 1709.

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  1. Windows10Geek on

    I’m getting some reports of users having problems with this update KB4088776. A user complained on Reddit that Resilio Sync was not working after he installed this update.

    I also got one user in my office whose update would not finish giving an error 0x800f081f but it was rectified when I downloaded the update from your link and installed it manually.

    Softpedia also mentions about the problems but there is no surety about how widespread this problem is. My advice would be that you should check your Windows Update setting. If the update is failing, you should download the update manually and restart your computer.

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