Download Latest Virus Definition Databases For All Antivirus Software

Every Antivirus and security suite comes with an updated function to keep the program updated with defenses against the latest threats. Either we can keep the auto-update enabled for the security software or we can disable it and manually install definition updates.

Virus definitions

This is especially useful when there is no direct Internet connection available on the system. In this article, we will list down the links for downloading the latest definitions of each antivirus software. If we missed anything, please update us in the comments section below.

Avast Antivirus Definition Updates

Avast Antivirus definitions Keep your Avast database updated. Updates are available after every 2 weeks. It can be updated automatically from the Internet if your System has Internet access.

Download the latest Avast Antivirus Definitions

AVG Antivirus Definition Updates

AVG 2018 is one of the best suites available for security. Its free version is also very effective. You may download its latest definitions from the following link:

Download AVG Antivirus Definitions

Avira Antivirus Definition Updates

Avira basically updates all of its necessary updates automatically. And users don’t need to download the files and then install it to make their Avira updates.

But sometimes when the Internet connection isn’t available for auto updating, for this, users need a Virus Definition file.

Download Avira Virus Definitions

Norton Antivirus Definition Updates

For the most recent and updated version of your licensed Norton product, you need to install the Virus Definition Updates.

Download Norton Antivirus Definition Update

Kaspersky Virus Definition

Kaspersky is the largest growing cyber security companies in the world. Kaspersky provides protection that is efficient, effective and usable. I have not been able to find Kaspersky databases download link directly but got it from You may use this link to download the latest Kaspersky update database.

Download Kaspersky Virus Definitions

Or you can follow this article to make sure you’re able to update Kaspersky DB manually.

Comodo Virus Definition

Comodo is providing a facility for those users who want to replace their Database with the new one so that no virus is present in the new Database.

Download the Comodo Database for v5.8 from here

Download the Comodo Database for v5.5 and older from here

So download the virus definition for your antivirus and keep the database of your tool updated for better and advanced performance and powerful security of your System.

Microsoft Security Essentials latest definitions

If you are using MSE on your system, you may download its latest updates db from Microsoft site:

Download MSE Virus Definition Updates (32-bit)

Download MSE Virus Definition Updates (64-bit)

If we have missed any definitions or updates, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to find and add the database download links as soon as possible.

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