Download Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable Now

The link to Microsoft Edge Chromium stable is live now, from Microsoft’s official servers. At least, it has been spotted in the wild. The users can download and install the latest stable version using the links given at the end.

Edge Chromium is the latest effort from Microsoft to compete with Google Chrome which has swept all other browsers from the likes of giants as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable
Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable

Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge with its own proprietary engine but was not able to pull a lot of users although Edge was a part of Windows 10 and was installed by default in Windows. Now Microsoft has started off by building a browser on top of Chromium ignoring its own browsers and build engines. Chromium is an open-source browser that also powers Google Chrome development.

We already have Microsoft Edge browser download page but it only lists the beta, dev and canary builds of the browser. If you download and install the browser from those links, you will get the version information along with the edition in the About section of the browser. For example, if you download and install the latest beta version, it will show as Beta. But if you download the stable version from the link given below, it will show as without a Beta. This means it is the final version which Microsoft will be launching shortly.

The complete build information in the stable build is Version (Official Build) (64-bit).

Microsoft has been working on the Edge Chromium browser and has improved on the browser including its interface and privacy. To differentiate it from Chrome, Microsoft has done a great job of customizing the browser and adding more privacy features. It looks like Microsoft is building another Chrome browser but with the privacy features of Firefox.

Download Microsoft Edge Stable

You can download Microsoft Edge stable from the below-given link:

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable English version

If you want to download Edge in another language, you can use the same URL and change the language code at the end. For example, if I want to download Microsoft Edge in German, I’ll use the following link:

Please note that Microsoft has not announced the stable release publicly. The official word from Microsoft still is the same that the company plans to build the perfect browser before deciding about the release date. But the stable version being spotted in the wild means that the company is very close to announcing the stable version of the Edge browser.

One thing to keep in mind is that Edge Chromium, once installed, will replace the classic Edge browser and there is no way to undo this change. If you want to still use the old Edge for any purpose, then you should not upgrade to the Chromium version at all.

Which browser do you use as your default? Will you change your browser if Edge turns out to be better than the rest of the lot?

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