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If you are seeking a tool that can easily transform your video into a good quality video with different animations and effects, then you should go with Movvai Video Editor 12.5.1. The tool will give you many features that convert your video into a more enhanced video by giving different effects and animations. You can add a music to your video. Give titles to your videos with Movavi Video Editor 12.5.1. Cut useless and unnecessary part of videos through this tool.

And play much more with your videos by using Movavi Video Editor. Below I have described its features and how to use the tool to edit your files. If you want to download Movavi, download it from below provided link.

Features Review

  • Upload audio and video files in any format. Many input formats are supported in Movavi Video Editor.
  • You can cut your videos into small segments or parts, then apply different animation on each part to give a different effect on every scene.
  • It’s Filter tab has many atmospheric effects to glam your video.
  • Give different and unique titles to your video with its Title feature.
  • Set video quality from good to highest, according to your needs.
  • Add audio of your choice to any video file to make it more impressive.
  • Give a comedic effect to your video by making it fast via its Video Acceleration feature.
  • You can even gather different photos of your into a movie with Movavi Video Editor tool.
  • Brighten your video, add contrast, and adjust sharpness with basic editing tools.
  • Stable the blurry parts of video or images.

Get Started with Movavi 12.5.1

  1. Download Movavi 12.5.1 from below link
  2. Run the installer and go ahead with on-screen instructions.
  3. The main window will be like this. Add media files where the arrow is pointing. With the tool, you can record video with your webcam or any external camera.
  4. Libraries and Special Effects are available at the left-hand side of the window.
  5. To edit your video with basic editing tools, go to Editing Tools from the center of the window.
  6. In its Edit bar, different tools are available for Equalizing, Noise Removal, Audio Effects, and few more.
  7. After completion of editing, export your project by clicking the Export button, available at the bottom right corner of tool’s window. It gives you many options for exporting. Set quality of video file, set format of the video file, upload online, for which device you want to save this video and many other.
  8. You can use Movavi Video Editor 12.5.1 in many languages, set your preferred language by going to the Settings tab.

Download Movavi Video Editor

Download Movavi Video Editor 12.5.1 from here

Download Movavi Video Editor from above link. It is 7-day free trial version. If you want to use it more, Buy the tool from here. It costs for one PC for life time. You will surely love this video editor tool.

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