Download Opera 46 Offline Installer For All Operating Systems

Opera is a famous web browser used by many users, it’s developers are making it more reliable and fast browser so it may compete with other browsers. The new version of Opera browser has been released which is Opera 46. Previously, the beta version of Opera 46 was available for testing purposes but now the stable and final version is available for every user to download.

Opera 46 is a fast browser and is based on Chromium and Blink. The new version has come with many new and advanced features to offer you best browsing experience. It’s searching and browsing ability is very strong and powerful and provides you suggestions on the site by predicting what you type. It’s one feature called Discovery gives you news and entertainment from all over the world.

Here I am providing you offline installer link for Opera 46 final version, you can do the offline installation without wasting any extra Internet bandwidth.

What’s new in Opera 46

  • You can enable or disable Bookmarks bar by going the option of Show Bookmark Bar. You can also bookmark a page easily by clicking on Heart shape icon.
  • You can now read any PDF document by staying in the browser because Opera has now the integration of the PDF reader.
  • Opera supports animated PNG or APNG. APNG is smaller than PNG and supports both 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency.
  • SVG favicons now work in Opera. Favicons are images which are used by browsers to represent a web page. It is 16*16 pixels.
  • Now expensive background tabs are controlled by Opera, this lesser down the processing power required for background tabs and improve battery life.
  • The Service Worker navigation preload API enables the browser to preload navigation requests while a service worker is starting up.
  • CSS stylesheets can now specify their own referrer policy via HTTP header to give enhanced security and privacy.
  • To increase security, Opera will now block requests for subresources that contain embedded credentials, and instead, handle them as network errors.
  • To increase security, Opera will now block requests from HTTP/HTTPS documents to Ftp: URLs
  • To preserve consistency across browsers, injecting JavaScript via AppleScript is longer supported in Opera for Mac.
  • Support for Shared Dictionary Compression (SDCH) has been disabled until a stable API has been standardized.
  • Many bugs and security issues are fixed.
  • Depreciations have made and some interoperate ability improvement has done.

Check installed Opera version

If you want to see whether you are having the latest version or not, apply following steps.

  1. Open your Opera browser. Go to Menu and select the option of “About Opera”.
  2. All the information of Opera will be shown to you. If it says that your Opera is updated, then you do not need to update it. Otherwise, download from below link according to your Operating System.

Opera Direct Download Links

Download Opera 46 for 32-bit Windows

Download Opera 46 for 64-bit Windows

Download Opera 46 for Mac

Download Opera 46 for Linux x86 (deb)

Download Opera 46 for Linux x64 (rpm)

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