Download Skype 7.37 Offline Installers

Skype 7.37 has been released and is available for download and installation. The Skype team is updating the Skype software regularly to make it better in performance and security. After every few days, the new update is coming. Now Skype 7.37 has come with new features and some bugs are fixed which were reported by users in earlier version.

Use Skype for video and audio calling and have smooth and uninterrupted calls. Here is the offline installer link for Skype 7.37. Download it and enjoy offline installation on your system. The offline installers are useful especially when Skype says that it is up to date while it is not on the most current version.

What’s new in Skype 7.37

The latest version of Skype 7.37 adds screen sharing, sending contacts, birthday reminders, better call quality, better video quality, and accessibility features.

  • Quality of Skype is improved in this release.
  • Some security fixes are done and bugs are removed.
  • For Mac, touch bar support is added for video message view that has control of Cancel, Record and Send Message.
  • Support for 6 more languages is added.
  • A memory leak is fixed for Mac Operating System.
  • While changing Profile photo, all previous profile pictures are shown to you.
  • Chat experience is improved.

Installation Steps

  1. Download Offline Installer of Skype from below Link
  2. Run the installer to start installing it on your System.
  3. It will ask you to select your preferred language.
  4. Select check boxes if you want to use Bing and MSN as a default.
  5. Then the installer will start updating or installing your Skype.
  6. After setup completes, the Skype login screen will open. Enter your username and password to start using it.

Check Skype Version

  1. If you want to check the version of your Skype, go to Help then “About Skype”. A pop-up window will appear. That shows which version you are using.
  2. If it says Skype, then your Skype is up to date.

Download Link

Download Skype 7.37 for Windows

Download Skype for Mac from here

Download Skype for Linux DEB from here

Download Skype for Linux RPM from here

The MSI installer will work when Skype is not installed on your computer. If Skype is already installed on your system and you want to upgrade it then you should download the executable version of Skype for automatic upgrade without uninstalling it first.

Update your Skype today and enjoy the new version of it with more improvements and performance.

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