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The latest version of Skype 8.22 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download and installation from Microsoft. Get the latest Skype 8.22 offline installer direct download links in this article. The latest version sports a visually colorful design. With the new release, Skype 7.4 or Skype classic development will be ceased by Microsoft. Skype 8.xx is the future way to go for regular users.
Skype 8

Looking for an offline installer for Skype 8.22? Find the latest download links below. While you can get the Skype Classic and switch to the older version of Skype, it is recommended that you should be running Skype 8.22 at the least. Microsoft recommends Skype 12 to be used in Windows. It does not come as Windows Desktop setup. Skype 12 comes pre-installed in Windows 10 but not everyone is comfortable using the Windows app as compared to the Desktop app. That’s why users prefer Skype 8 Desktop app over Skype 12 Windows app.

Skype 8.22 features and advantages

Let’s discuss some advantages of Skype 8.22 as compared to Skype Classic

The earlier versions of Skype used to save chat history on the local computer. This meant that if Windows got corrupted, Skype history would be lost. This is not the case now. Skype 8.22 is cloud based and synchronizes chat history with Microsoft servers.

Another advantage of using Skype 8.22 or above is encryption. Like, WhatsApp, Skype also supports end to end encryption but you need to be running Skype 8.14 or higher.

Some features of Skype include the following:

  • Free international calls: You can make free Skype to Skype calls and also Skype to international Phone calls at a very low price.
  • You can call people in other countries with Skype (Paid).
  • You can sms anywhere internationally using Skype (Paid).
  • You can make video calls using Skype.
  • You can also receive calls using Skype. Skype number cost is usually very low depending upon the number and country you select. Get Skype number from here.
  • You can transfer files using Skype. Skype file transfer size limit is 300 MB. You can send as many files as you want but the file size should not exceed 300 MB.

While Microsoft will not offer any updates for Skype Classic and 7.41 is the last released version which will not be supported after some time. So Skype 8.xx or above is the way to go in future.

Interestingly, the change log page of Skype from Microsoft seems to be abandoned. Microsoft shows the latest release as Skype 7.41.

Checking version and updating Skype

Checking version in Skype 8.xx is different from the earlier release. Follow the steps below to check Skype version installed on your computer.

  1. Open Skype and sign-in with your Microsoft account
  2. Click on the display picture at the top left corner of Skype window
  3. Scroll down and select About
    Skype 8.22 About Section

    Skype 8.22 About Section

Opening the About dialog will automatically trigger Skype to check for latest version. It will automatically start downloading if a new version is available. Alternatively, you can follow our blog to get the latest information when new versions of Skype are released.

Skype 8.22 direct download links

Download Skype for Windows Desktop [60 MB]

Download Skype for Mac

Download Skype for Linux [.DEB] (Debian)

Download Skype for Linux [.RPM] (RPM based distributions)

Download Skype for Android

Download Skype for iOS

Download Skype for Windows Mobile

Download Skype Portable (Skype 7.41 classic)

Troubleshooting Skype 8.22 installation issues

Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best experience.

Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best experience.

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10 and download Skype 8.22 from the above given links, it will give you the following error when you try to install it:

In this case, we have written an article which will fix this error. Just go through the following article for troubleshooting Skype 8.22 installation issues.

Fix Error: Please Install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the Best Experience

If you encounter any other issues related to Skype, please let us know through comments below.

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